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Baking Is An Alchemical Process For Corinna Chapman At Four Am She Starts Work At Earthly Delights, Her Bakery In Calico AlleyBut One Morning Corinna Receives A Threatening Note Saying The Wages Of Sin Is Death And Finds A Syringe In Her Cat S Paw A Blue Faced Junkie Has Collapsed In The Dark Alley And A Mysterious Man With Beautiful Eyes Appears With A Plan For Corinna And Her Bread Then It Is Goths, Dead Drug Addicts, Witchcraft, A Homeless Boy And A Missing Girl And It Seems She Will Never Get Those Muffins Cooked In TimeWith Flair, Chutzpah And A Talent For Kneading, Corinna Chapman Will Find Out Who Exactly Is Threatening Her Life And Bake Some Beautiful Bread

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    Corinna Chapman s bakery, Earthly Delights, had been a huge success since she had opened it after leaving her two timing husband James even though it was situated in the seedier part of Melbourne she had customers rushing in on their way to work on their morning breaks until her stock was negligible when she closed at 2pm So the morning she opened the back door at 6am after filling the oven with delicious pastries the morning she discovered the body of a young girl and immediately began CPR, was the morning things began to go wrong in Corinna s little part of town.When the inhabitants of Corinna s apartment block began experiencing nasty graffiti and particularly disturbing letters, she knew she had to do something about it With the heroin addict problem plus the hatred directed toward the residents, something strange was definitely in the wind Even her beloved cat Horatio had noticed something was amiss But what, or better yet, who was the culprit or culprits It seemed the police weren t making any headway could Corinna do any better This was an excellent mystery novel the first in the Corinna Chapman series by Aussie author Kerry Greenwood The characters are well fleshed out varied and eclectic, they each play their parts well The plot is full of intrigue and suspense, with some delightful twists to keep you guessing I m looking forward to reading the next in the series, and have no hesitation in highly recommending Earthly Delights.

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    Having already wasted time reading this, I don t want to waste too much time writing a review It started out quite well, but had greatly deteriorated by the end There were elements I liked about this, but unfortunately they were far outweighed by things I didn t like there were too many vampires, goths and witches In addition, the writing felt choppy and seemed to jump from one thing to the next without any explanation.I won t be continuing on with this series I ll stick to the Phryne Fisher series, which Kerry Greenwood does very well.

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    The writer of the delightful Phryne Fisher series jumps nine decades into Melbourne s future, to bring us Corinna Chapman, baker Corinna lives and bakes in Melbourne, Australia, in one of the truly great buildings of fiction, the Insula, eight stories covered in peacock blue tiles where each apartment is named for a Roman god or goddess and decorated accordingly Someone is terrorizing the women in the building with poison pen letters, graffiti and vandalism, and someone else is killing junkies on Corinna s very doorstep Of course she takes action, however reluctantly, and along the way we meet her friends and neighbors, including Meroe the witch I believe in absolutely nothing except yeast and the inevitability of politicians, so Meroe and I have agreed not to discuss it Thus we have stayed friends.the Lone Gunmen, whose tech shop Corinna describes thusly The walls were painted black just like every nerd s bedroom, and were layered with posters for each new video game I would bet that somewhere right against the paint there would be an ad announcing Pac Man Someone was lurking behind the counter, trying to stay out of direct sunlight and reading William Gibson.and her two employees, Kylie and Gossamer It was no use trying to describe either of them by mundane things like hair or eye colour These could change overnight At the moment Gossamer had greenish hair and bright green contacts inKylie had had pink hair and her own eyes, which are blue Or so I believeThe only way I could be sure about their identity was their navels, which were always on display Kylie had a silver ring with a blue stone in it in hers which is round and flat Gossamer has a gold ring in hers, and it tends to have a lip on the upper rimOtherwise they really could be twins.Not forgetting Daniel, the hunky PI, Jason, the recovering heroin addict slash apprentice, the Mouse Patrol, aka Rodent Patrol Officers Heckle and Jeckle, and her partner, Horatio a gentlemanly cat who considers it impolite to hurry his food Besides, he needs to remove every crumb from his whiskers before he steps down to the meet the Mouse Police, a rough but pleasant pair, far removed from him in elegance Horatio is an aristocrat I occasionally feel that I am unable to meet his stringent requirements for suitable conduct in a Lady.The plot takes Corinna in some decidedly new directions, not least of which is a private SM club, and no matter what she says at the end Memo to the universe re Corinna Chapman as an investigator I quit.we know she lies Partly because there are three books in the series, upon which I am soon to embark The icing on the cake, or in this case, muffins There are recipes Yummmmmmm

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    Romantic cosy mystery vampire novel Is that a thing Corinna Chapman, x accountant and now baker in inner city Melbourne s business district by day and junkie haven by night gets involved in a number of mysteries that are impacting on her normal routines Enter Daniel Cohen, heart throb and mystery man himself, Corinna is weak at the knees now and must get involved in investigating the crimes just to be near him.A delightful story, even if its not my usual cup of tea, I do love bread and muffins

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    It has to be said Kerry Greenwood creates characters that are so two dimensional that you wonder if a computer composed them To me this book is a clear example of an author writing about characters that she has no understanding of When she writes about Taz the computer geek character, it is so obvious that this is the viewpoint of someone who is so far removed from this type of person or culture, that she is just using bland, make that very bland stereotypes You could argue that the lead protagonist is removed from these types of people or culture, but even that could not excuse how badly developed these characters are Another thing she doe to annoy the reader is to throw in big words, which are usually only vaguely related to the plot, and serve no real purpose, other than for her to say, Look at me I read science manuals Most of the words seem to come from a biology or science type background, and show just how insecure the author is about her intellect, hence the use of what she feels are impressive words That shit doesn t fly with me, I see through that pathetic attempt at intelligentsia An example of a word she uses is, lepidoptera I think Greenwood usually writes detective fiction, though I am not really sure, as I want to have as little to do with her fictive creations from now on If this is the case, it just confirms to me, that crime fiction is probably a disposable writing genre, equivalent to mills and boon type romance These types of books are for people whose deepness of thought, extends as far as wondering what it would feel like if George Clooney really loved them I am not saying that there isn t engaging detective fiction or romance fictions, just that these genres are probably dominated by people who read for entertainment value only I read on the blurb that Greenwood has written other novels, that are in some way part of a series It seems to me writers that have serialised their writings, are the equivalent of soap opera tv shows By all means watch read this type of trash, but remember if you do you are than likely at the bottom of the gene pool please don t have kids.There are many other things that annoyed me about this book All the pointless sentences about anything and everything She will write a sentence about making bread, and it literally serves no purpose It does not aid the plot, help develop character, or is informative in any way shape or form She does this consistently throughout out the book You read a sentence and you wonder why it is there The answer is that Greenwood is wasting your time, with her lame attempt at fiction It serves no purpose other than as some sort of ego boast for this presumably low self esteem ridden author, who thinks that we treasure any words she commits to paper I don t.And reading about those two young girls that are Corinna s neighbours Kylie and some other unmemorable name made me feel like vomiting How far removed is Greenwood from the young Does she know nothing of how people under 30 converse Once again a pathetic attempt at character It makes me cringe to think of it Thank God this is fiction, and not the real world, otherwise I would crave another suicide attempt, hoping for success I am probably being really mean in this review, and maybe I shouldn t be so harsh It s just I recently went to a literary conference, and heard many established literary and press people talking about how they refuse to condemn a work of art That is not real I want honesty, especially in the press If a work of art is shit, I want to warned so as to avoid it We don t need sycophantic slobs, and outright liars, to create a world any artificial than it already is.So I rehash my early points, this book is crap in conclusion Definitely not worth the read I do like to end on a nice note though, but I will not contradict what I have already said So my final words are that although Earthly Delights is a waste of paper, I have not read anything else by Kerry Greenwood, and I suppose it s possible her other books are readable.

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    What did I just read What is this thing As a fan of the Phyrne Fisher books, I ran across this one and picked it up OK, yeah, yet another series behemoth, but same author, probably same sort of not The redoubtable Miss Fisher takes her lovin where she can find it, but loves without loving, if you get me This thing doesn t know whether it s chicklit or crime, romance or roughhouse Well, noone thing it definitely isn t, is rough It s too superficial for that Even with dying junkies all over the place and a Mafia hitman tracking a hapless baker s assistant, most of the rough stuff takes place off camera, or at least out of shot Meanwhile the narrator witters on about her cats and rambles and wonders about anything and everythingoften not even finishing her sentences I teach ESL, and she couldn t pass her Advanced Certificate with all those fragments and poorly structured musings that have nothing to do with anything as well as interrupting the narrative to no purpose I love cats, but found myself sighing impatiently as the authoress shoehorned in a lot of kitty love , whether it added anything or not and it usually didn t She ll have to watch herself or she ll be descending into tweedledom.Someone is killing off innocent young junkies in Melbourne Is it a psychopath trying to clean up the city, or just a drug deal gone wrong Someone else is sending nasty anonymous letters to all the women in the apartment building A different psycho, the same one, or just someone with issues We are told to write what you know , and Ms Greenwood certainly has done that Her personal biography is all over this text, and it doesn t help the story much The witch has way too much to do with the story,in a way that doesn t really fit How can Goths and vampires and dominatrices be so dull I found myself trudging through the last 30 pages just to finish it The romance novel thing didn t really fit with the mystery which doesn t feel like much of a mystery either I got the impression she wasn t sure which way she wanted to go, whether to write an Agatha Raisin or an Anne Mather It judders along somehow, and the happy ending was just.meh Oh, and there are recipes in the back That to me is the mark of a mystery writer who knows their work will have limited appeal.Will I read another Only if I have insomnia again It was anodyne enoughand that s the problem.

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    I really liked this book though in a way, I can t quite figure out why It s a mystery, but really solving the mystery was like the truth unveiled itself I do know I liked the characters and the evolution of relationships a whole lot.Corinna Chapman owns a bakery in modern day Melbourne Australia She s divorced, having kicked her career as an accountant to the curb, kicked off her sexy kitten heels and apron, eschewed the rigid starvation diet and ended her marriage Now she s gone from skinny and starved to curvy and a purveyor of good baked bread and the consumer of food and drink She s definitely a very likeable woman with a good mind and a kind heart She lives in this apartment building that was eccentrically built in the 1920s, with each flat and shop named after a Roman or Greek deity The architecture and details are sumptuous The residents are as eccentric of their apartment house and interestingly enough, something in their personality matches the name of their apartment There s a dominatrix, a Wiccan shop owner, two anorexic girls, an alcoholic single man, and much Then there are the cats and the dog who actually behave like cats and dogs and not detectives, a plus in my estimation.There are a few mysteries intertwined having to do with street people, overdosing on heroin, murder in their midst, who is that guy who runs the charity soup wagon The mysteries intertwine but don t always intersect like real life though the impulse is to draw connections where none exist I think the interesting thing about this lovely book are the people, their approaches to life and love, and the events that those approaches call It all rises and consumes like a very good loaf of bread A most excellent book, the first in the series I like the author s other series very much but I like this one so far even Corinna is very likeable.

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    Earthly Delights is the first in contemporary series by Kerry Greenwood, author of the popular Phryne Fisher series This one is set in modern Melbourne and our heroine is a chubby baker named Corinna Chapman Corinna used to be a CPA but ditched her job and her husband to pursue her love of baking She has moved into a wonderful building called the Insula in a not so wonderful part of Melbourne but the location is unique and her neighbors are interesting All is going fairly well for Corinna until one morning when she steps out in the alley while we ovens are heating and discovers an over dosed heroin junkie on her grate She manages to call emergency and then performs CPR on the girl until they show up As the girl is being led away by paramedics, a mysterious man shows up, calms the girl down, and thanks Corinna for her help The man is named Daniel and he has the audacity to tell her she is beautiful before walking into the dawn.Funny in parts, light on the mystery aspect The only thing I struggled with were the references to Australian politics or pop culture but it was nothing to take me out of the story Enjoyable, recommended for my cozy friends.

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    I started off with this author s 1920s crime novels about Phryne Fisher, beautiful,slim, rich, smart and good at just about everything except those things she doesn t want to be good at, like playing music or cooking I look forward to each new one They re great fun and show a Melbourne that is mostly long gone.When this book came out, i didn t know what to make of the idea It s still set in Melbourne, but in the present day, in a Roman themed building where I d move tomorrow if it existed The heroine, Corinna Chapman, is as different from Phryne as it s possible to be She s large, loves cooking and gave up her job as a high profile accountant to become a baker And she has a boyfriend, whom she meets in this first book, who looks like Angel Yum It s the boyfriend, Daniel Cohen, who s the private eye, specialising in missing children, but doing other things as well, and somehow Corinna gets caught up in it all.In this one there is a missing girl, a lot of drug addicts dying, a young former drug addict who turns out to be pretty good at baking and a nightclub where some answers might be found And baking lots of baking I like this series a lot than I do the regular run of cosies you know, the novels where the amateur sleuth is a caterer, a tea shop owner, a seller of antiques, whatever Especially the cookery based ones I like the characters and there are some quirky ones you d love to know in real life I get the feeling that some of them, at least, are based on Kerry s friends, and Corinna is a lot like Kerry herself, in build and enjoyment of cooking The recipes at the back of this book and the others that follow are real You can make them easily and they don t have several pounds of butter and cream and you must buy the top quality chocolate to do this This is because the author gives you recipes for food she makes herself, all the time, and keeps it simple I still make her version of onion soup and the plum pudding muffins went in about five minutes when I took them to work.

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    Earthly Delights by Kerry Greenwood is the first book in the Corinna Chapman mystery series Melbourne baker, Corinna Chapman,helps to save a drug overdose victim and becomes involved in the investigation of several drug overdose deaths, as well as the investigation of who is targetting the women in her complex with vile letters and painted slogans I enjoyed this entry into the series I loved getting to know the various odd quirky characters in the complex Corinna is a strong, sensible woman, smart and capable I look forward to reading of her adventures.