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Warning SCARY PICTURES Do not click on this review if you don t want to be plagued by nightmares I don t care how old you are Fear transcends all age barriers.I m a supporter of childhood literacy, but I beg you Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not make the mistake of giving this book to your children They will never forgive you Think of all the therapy costs.When I was a little girl, I was terrified of the dark I couldn t sleep without my rituals All blankets had to be tucked in completely around me All closet doors must be closed Before bed, the room must be checked to for all odd looking shadows that might morph into something terrifying when I open my eyes in the middle of the night.Above all, all toes must be secured, or else something will munch on them.It didn t help me when I was 12.I read 5 pages of this book, and I couldn t go on I don t know if you ve seen the drawings, but this book is absolutely fucking terrifying If you have children, please, please do not give this book to your child It will scar them for life.It took me years to summon the courage to open this book again I was 16 I had just watched It I couldn t sleep for 2 weeks afterwards for longer than 30 minute increments I could barely stay awake in class It was horrible Surely, after surviving the horrors of Pennywise the Clown, I couldpossibly maybe take on this book again I was wrong.I got to THE THING before shoving it into the back of the closet IF I CAN T SEE IT, THE MONSTERS DON T EXIST and ran to the living room.Monsters won t eat you when you re with your parents.The artist for this book is Stephen Gammell Thank you, Mr Gammell I hope you sleep well, you diabolical crafter of nightmares Who knows how many children and adults you have scared Who knows how many hours of terror and sleepless nights this book has wrought Stephen King has nothing on you.I m a grown ass woman, and tonight, I m still going to sleep with one eye open. This book is featured on Halloween Reads for Children is a great collection of short scary stories for kids to enjoy It s a book that I enjoyed as a child and can now share with my own kids Some of the stories are pretty scary and best for older readers, but a few of them can be read to younger readers as well There are plenty of traditional ghost stories, retellings and folklore to enjoy The black and white illustrations add eveneeriness A few of our favorites include The White Wolf, The Guests, The Wendigo, The Girl Who Stood on a Grave, and The Attic.I really enjoyed reading the references in the back of the book which explain the tales and where they originated.5 In anticipation of the new movie, I dusted this off and made the foolish decision of reading in an empty house, well past the twilight hour About halfway I got too creeped out to continue Had to finish the rest this morning.These stories are SCARY Something about the nonchalant way horror happens makes it evenreal In this world, there s nothing unusual about ghosts and murderers and zombies Why should there be They are so common There could be a murderer in your attic right now And wait what s that noise I did not obsess over these books as a kid like I did other teen horror series but I was surprised by how much I still remembered Reading as an adult I can appreciatewhat Schwartz achieved The extensive research into folklore is done remarkably well The guy knows his stuff, and it shows with the lengthy list of references and interviews he did during research Another key part of the success, I believe, are the stories that reveal how to scare an audience Starting the collection this way empowers the reader before they wade into thebone chilling tales.Obviously, it would be impossible to comment on this without discussing the artwork I m glad the illustrator s name is as large as the author s because Gammell s contribution is just as significant My biggest hope for the movie is that they are able to immerse us in a world that somehow resembles these drawings There s been nothing like them before or since the Scary Stories series ended, and they remain the most iconic piece of the collection.All in all, a fantastic book that holds up well Glad I never gave away my copy The illustrations were the really scary part of these books I remember being afraid to turn the page and look at the next one when I was a kid, peeling the next page over gradually like a Band Aid One pictured effed me up so badly I had to tape a piece of construction paper over it so I could flip through the book without having a heart attack. This Spooky Addition To Alvin Schwartz S Popular Books On American Folklore Is Filled With Tales Of Eerie Horror And Dark Revenge That Will Make You Jump With FrightThere Is A Story Here For Everyone Skeletons With Torn And Tangled Flesh Who Roam The Earth A Ghost Who Takes Revenge On Her Murderer And A Haunted House Where Every Night A Bloody Head Falls Down The ChimneyStephen Gammell S Splendidly Creepy Drawings Perfectly Capture The Mood Of Than Two Dozen Scary Stories And Even Scary Songs All Just Right For Reading Alone Or For Telling Aloud In The DarkIf You Dare Confession time I was a scared kid growing up And I mean fucking terrified My imagination was fertile, and it tended to grow dark twisted things with thorns that were poisonous to my thoughts, vines of blackened fish hooks that would creep over me like ivy and ensnare my mind, body, and soul My early encounters with anything of the horror variety would take on a life of it s own, finding a nest in my kid brain where it could grow into something muchmonstrous Thinking back to my childhood, there were several experiences that left a deep and dark impression on me For instance, I watched Jaws at far too young an age and my parents had to cancel my swimming lessons because I refused to get into the pool after that I accidentally switched channels on the TV one night and came across the famous eye gouging scene from Blade Runner Didn t sleep for days as a result, wouldn t let anyone even my trusted family touch my face for a month I recall Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark as the first book to ever visit this type of sheer dread on my little being It had such a notable effect, giving me nightmares for weeks It turned out that horror movies were pale in comparison to the terror my own mind could conjure up after listening to creepy stories matched with with hideous artwork Alvin Schwartz undoubtedly helped set me on the path I m on now as an author of thriller horror fiction My grade two teacher read it to us in class, showing us the illustrations in between stories the unbelievably arresting art of Stephen Gammell Never in my young life had I been read anything like it At home my parents read Roald Dahl to me, far different I must say But during story time at school I could feel fear eating at me, the discomfort welling up from my gut to my heart as I tried to digest horrors I d never been presented before This was the first time I d ever experienced a book that made me sweat and squirm and hold my breath.I m sure the publishers didn t know the kind of effect this book would have on impressionable children when they brought it out But let me assure you, it had the power to shape the future of some And I owe a debt of gratitude to such a fine work that didn t hold back, despite the young audience it was created for This was one of the 10 Books That Stuck With Me piece I wrote Check out which others made the list As scary stories go, they are only slightly Sometimes they are funny, or just weird, or sad Except the one about Harold the Scarecrow God, that one is terrifying Oh and the spiders hatching from your face.But the illustrations The illustrations in this book are good old fashioned nightmare fuel I really don t know what they were thinking.I mean, what were they thinkingFacebook 30 Day Book Challenge Day 8 Book that scares you. In the dark and the gloom, it is easy for someone listening to imagine all sorts of strange and scary things A collection of stories based on American folklore written with the intention of giving you the creeps or making you jump with fright The stories are accompanied by delightfully disturbing illustrations provided by Stephen Gammell.Anytime I post these books on instagram, people lose their shit It seems that everyone overseas and by overseas I mean America or Canada can attribute all their childhood nightmares to the stories and illustrations found within these collections A lot of people also say that these books were almost like their gateway into horror Sadly, I did not have such an experience growing up sad face Quite honestly I had never even heard of these until I saw them on instagram and then I WANTED them But they re quite tough to find over here Luckily, I won a giveaway hosted by one of my BG buddies, Sadie, and now I have 3 of these in my collection.So, this was my first encounter with Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark I tried to remind myself that these stories are written for children, I m not necessarily the target audience A lot of the stories were fun, and I can definitely see how those illustrations would be nightmare fuel for a younger group, but I was never actually scared or creeped out at any point I mean, if I was, I guess I would be slightly worried it s a children s book But I still enjoyed the experience And the illustrations And all I could think was that I can t wait to share these with my future children This will be their gateway into all things horror This will be their stepping stone to Stephen King of course they won t be allowed to touch my collection, they can buy their own copies One of the highlights for me was getting to read some of my fave urban legends, like the The Hook, High Beams and The Babysitter Now THOSE stories do have the potential to freak me out, because they re things that could very much happen to any one of us And that aspect of horror hits a little close to home for me I also remember hearing one of the stories on Last Podcast on the Left Me Tie Dough ty that story where a human head falls down the chimney each night So it was fun to revisit that one too Overall, it was fun to read these and the illustrations in particular were the best part I just wish I had at least grown up with them so that I could feel the same nostalgia towards them that nearly everyone else seems to But never fear, the next generation in my family will I d give this 3 and a half stars out of 5 This is a wonderful little collection of stories that are chilling and, at times, rather funny A blend of urban legends and folk tales of ghosts and other creatures of the night and a series of sketches that are as scary as the stories they accompany create a result that is perfect for Halloween, for a cold winter s night or a stormy summer evening. Ah yes, the one book back in third grade that kept me entertained