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    Note to self never decide to reread any of the books I was obsessed with when I was 14 ever again

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    There isn't really a story for this one I just saw it thought I'd give it a go The End SorryAnywaythere are a series of themsomehow? Because well it ended like that's the end Nothing else could happenbut something else obviously does I'm not sure if I'll read the seuel STo be honest I found it flat And boring I know some of Kate Cann's other stuff which is supposed to be so good but thiswell it didn't live up to my expectations I found a few spelling mistakes a pet hate of mine And it did take a while to get going Art the boy is a complete and utter idiot I'm sorry but WHY would someone fall for him with a personality like that Though I guess the author wanted us to hate him One reason why I probably won't read the whole series is because I can guess it's going to be like 'Do I love him or not? He's an idiot but I want to go out with him? Oh no My life is over' kind of thing Which I think will get on my nerves I have seem some good reviews and maybe this book just isn't for me But I would say it's worth a try at least The characters apart from Art are great and I loved Val She made me laugh a couple of times I would say if you were thinking about reading this do read it just for the sarcasm and jokes and it does teach you something about the potentical 'bad boyfriend that just wants sex' that most girls face at some point I thankfully haven't yet and hopefully won't

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    The only character I found likable in this was the mother Collete was annoying paranoid and overreacted to everything while at the same time subjected herself to being mistreated Art was moody rude pressuring arrogant etc etc Besides his apparent good looks he was simply not a nice person I don't know why anyone would fall for him Looks aren't everything I loved the mother She was very funny and in addition had a simply kick ass rant at the end about the importance of sex And she really loves her daughter no matter how annoying Collete may be

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    After MONTHS of searching for this book without knowing the title and repeatedly googling ' book about swimming character named Art' without success I FINALLY FOUND IT I read this book sometime between 6th and 8th grade because my best friend was a swimmer and she loved it and it was one of the first YA romances I read I probably will not be rereading this because I don't want to know how bad it actually is but I'm just glad I found it again I also read the translated version so if anything I should read that one when I want to ruin my childhood lolDate read like 2010? Not sure

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    Diving In’s protagonist Coll is a keen swimmer but that’s not really the point of the novel because swimming is a metaphor – A METAPHOR – for her awakening sexualityColl is athletic and down to earth from a family of working class lefties Art is rich and callous content to skate by on his good looks The plotline of Diving In is an old chestnut of a trope when they fall in love Coll’s innate goodness “fixes” Art’s innate badness The thing is I don’t hate tropes if they’re well done Kate Cann actually manages to pull off a diverting YA novel And it’s one that’s a lot sexier than most teen fareYou know what I love to read about? UST Unresolved Sexual Tension It’s everywhere in TV and movies and yet most novelists fail miserably at it Either romance is non existent or it’s overblown Edward Bella Meadow Ahem I’m mentioning this because Kate Caan is really good at UST Her writing is flawed in other respects – the story’s set up is plodding and she switches tenses like a crazy person – but I have to give her props for her USTTeenageme thought that Diving In was sogreatOMG and even old enough to know betterme thinks that it’s a pretty good read

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    Heroine Coll influenced by her feminist to the point of man hating mom rightly believes that her first sexual relationship should go beyond the physical and as she holds out for holistic sex her boyfriend Art a former player becomes and frustrated Much of the first book is taken up with the struggle between head heart and hormones In book number two when Coll and Art do finally become lovers the intensity of the relationship becomes too much for baggage laden Art who skips off to New Zealand In book number three Coll is recovering slowly from the relationship that left her ravaged when Art interested in being just friends returns But is there really such a thing between men and women?Protective parents will complain that this book is too for teens too sexy too honest too promiscuous but the sexual relationship between Coll and Art is mature and tasteful Collete describes the overwhelming emotion of being physically intimate rather than play by play of what goes where and condoms are mentioned regularly with a subplot of a best friend's abortion fortelling the disasters of going skin to skin even one timeThe flawless writing realistic story and complex characters blend together to give a sense of I know what she means about the short series This is Forever for the new millennium British style A smart girl falls in love and has a sexual relationship that runs its course with no harsh repercussions such as disease pregnancy or death Hopefully a three in one version of the series will be published soon because it is impossible to not want to read all three books in one sitting

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    Col has been smitten with the mysterious boy she sees at the pool every Thursday night She decides to fancy him in her fantasies– because that's the safest way But one day she bumps into him and it's like he notices her They start going out together and it's like they have this natural attraction to one another Col wants to take it slow get to know him better But it's like Art is only focused on one thing At the age of 16 it's not always easy to stand up for yourself and refuse your boyfriend But this strong heroine chooses to stand up for herself even though she knows that it would be easier to give in Personal noteI was 11 or 12 when I read this book the first time After I finished the series I decided to read it each year And I did exactly that for three years But the books disappeared from my local library and I couldn't find them anywhere else afterwards I really needed these books the past few months But I'm glad I've gotten them the past month

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    Coll short for Collet has had a crush on a mystery man that mostly always goes to the pool on thursdays she's never made contact with him untill she bumped into him she finds out coll is rich and has had sex before unlike her she feels as if he doesn't feel the same way for her as she does to himArt mystery man short for Aurther keeps asking to do IT with him bur shes not ready yet He kind of lies to Coll and tricks her into a cabbin with two bedrooms; one for her parents and one for her AND art they find themselves fighting and Coll makes it really obvious that they are over esspecially since her mom yelled at Arts dad and stepmom but in the end they both end up back together its wayyy fun if you read it with the details

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    I don't really have a lot to say about this one it was a cute book After awhile it just got a little old Coll the main character spent the entire book was debating with herself about the guy she sees swimming Art At different times I wanted to scream at Coll Just make up your mind already It's a fun read for a lazy summer afternoon I want to know where Art Coll's story goes next this is the first book of the trilogy

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    I read this book when I was in the fourth grade so I was around 8 or 9 years old Yes that is far too young for a book of this subject in most cases but I remember just becoming absolutely engrossed in it and I read through the series so fast and its still one of the most memorable books Ive ever read I literally could not put it down and I would recommend it Not to any other 8 year olds obviously but It was a fantastic read