Der weiße Dominikaner Aus dem Tagebuch eines Unsichtbaren

Dedalus's Gustav Meyrink programme was praised by The European's literary editor Kathy O'Shaughessy as one of the most important publishing events of the last few years The publication of The White Dominican means that all Meyrink's five novels are now available in English from DedalusThe White Dominican is Meyrink's most esoteric novel and draws upon the wisdom of a number of mystical traditions the most important of which is Tao It is set in a mystical version of the Bavarian town of Wasserburg which sits upon a promontory surrounded on three sides by the River InnThe novel describes the spiritual journey of the simple hero who guided by a number of figures his eccentric father the spirit of a distant ancestor the protecting presence of his dead lover and the mysterious figure of the White Dominican escapes the 'Medusa's head' of the world to a transfiguration through which he joins the 'living chain that stretches to infinity'This is the novel which has been eagerly awaited by those who see Meyrink as not just a novelist but as a mystic visionary who can tell them what lies on the Other Side

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