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Audio CD IsHours AndMinutes LongNorthern Ireland, SpringHunger Strikes, Riots, Power Cuts, A Homophobic Serial Killer With A Penchant For Opera, And A Young Woman S Suicide That May Yet Turn Out To Be Murder On The Surface, The Events Are Unconnected, But Then Things And People Aren T Always What They Seem Detective Sergeant Duffy Is The Man Tasked With Trying To Get To The Bottom Of It All It S No Easy Job Especially When It Turns Out That One Of The Victims Was Involved In The IRA But Was Last Seen Discussing Business With Someone From The Loyalist Ulster Volunteer Force Add To This The Fact That, As A Catholic Policeman, It Doesn T Matter Which Side He S On, Because Nobody Trusts Him, And Sergeant Duffy Really Is In A No Win Situation Fast Paced, Evocative, And Brutal, The Cold Cold Ground Is A Brilliant Depiction Of Belfast At The Height Of The Troubles And Of A Cop Treading A Thin, Thin Line

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    Adrian McKinty won the 2014 Spinetingler Award for Cold, Cold Ground for best crime novel, and is book one in a series It s a gritty heartfelt story set during the uprising and turmoil of Northern Island in the eighties Sean Duffy, a Catholic detective living among the Protestants, is investigating a bizarre murder while striving to survive during a horrifying time in his country Duffy s dry wit lightens the mood of the plot and keeps the story flowing along smoothly It is noteworthy that the author spent his youth in the neighbourhoods portrayed, and as a result, describes Ireland s dreadful way of life with meticulous attention to detail regarding the bombings, riots, IRA hunger strikers, and driving through the countless number of check points guarded by British soldiers It is a great start to a series.

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    The Cold Cold Ground introduces Sean Duffy, a Catholic police sergeant in the Royal Ulster Constabulary As a Catholic who joined the mostly Protestant police force, Duffy is essentially under suspicion and threat from both sides in the long running Troubles pitting Catholics and Protestants against each other in Northern Ireland.The story is set at the height of the Troubles, in 1981 IRA prisoners are engaged in a hunger strike in protest to recent actions of the hated British government, and each time a martyr dies, the riots, bombings and other protests accelerate The British have flooded Northern Ireland with troops, but that only increases the tension and the violence.Against that backdrop, Sean Duffy is assigned to investigate the murders of two gay men, each of whom had one of his hands chopped off It initially appears that a serial killer is targeting gay men Gay sex was still illegal in Ireland at the time But as Duffy pushes his investigation it becomes clear that something larger and sinister may be at work, and the young detective will have to buck his superiors and risk his own health and well being if he s going to find a solution.Sean Duffy is a very attractive protagonist smart, witty, and a bit subversive, and this is a first rate novel The plot is complex and intelligent, and it moves along at a very brisk pace Even the minor characters are well drawn and interesting, but what really sets the book apart is the way in which McKinty sets the scene His description of Northern Ireland in these turbulent times is outstanding, and the way in which these otherwise ordinary people conduct their lives in the face of the violence and unrest is compelling I m late getting to this series, but I ll be catching up very quickly 4.5 stars for this one.

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    I enjoyed reading this book and give it a solid 4 stars Sean Duffy is a Catholic police detective in the Northern Ireland RUC Royal Ulster Constabulary The RUC is a mostly Protestant force and the IRA has been known to target Catholic RUC officers Some of his fellow officers are wary of him because he is a Catholic.It is against this background that Sean is called to the scene of a grisly murder The victim has been shot dead and 1 hand has been cut off The investigation reveals that the victim worked for the IRA and was a homosexual Homosexual acts are illegal in 1981 Northern Ireland In addition, the hand does not belong to the victim Sean believes that he is looking for a serial killer.The plot moves along very well The characters are well written and the author gives the reader an authentic look at life in the troubles One line that I likedchokengkomatitikchokeng193 Crabbe got the Ulster frypancakes, potato bread, soda bread, sausages, bacon, egg, black pudding, white pudding all of it fried in lard A heart attack special Sean makes some enemies, but doesn t give up, linking the case to another death A very neat ending I read this in 4 days.

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    This is the first in what seems like a promising series set in Northern Ireland during the late 80s The story grabbed my attention from the start, but it is not the mystery which makes this book stand out I am a very character driven reader, and Sean Duffy is a good one He is flawed, but capable, interesting without seeming contrived and I will be curious to see how his story continues Recommended Find reviews and bookish fun at

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    We had the very good fortune a couple of years ago to meet and visit with a Goodreads friend in Ireland My wife s grandmother immigrated from northern Ireland in the late 19th century and since things had calmed down in Ireland we flew over to find her ancestral home Tony and Linda were extraordinarily helpful in finding the area and Tony provided a walking tour of Belfast and Bellaghy a town he said he was still a little reluctant to visit given it was in the heart of the troubles not so very long ago Tony has written on the cultural aspects of the violence but he, at one point, waited until some other people left a building to discuss some of the finer points of the Orange given that people are apparently still very sensitive about their religious perspectives This kind of circumspection is totally foreign to us in the States where we all too frequently voice our opinions rather belligerently Which provides a little background for this book It s an excellent police procedural that takes place in the heat of the troubles Sergeant Duffy is an outlier, a Catholic on the predominantly Protestant police force, a member of CID who has just moved into a house in a Protestant neighborhood He s being groomed for better things The police were keen to have me A university graduate, a psychologist, and that most precious thing of all a Catholic And now seven years later, after a border posting, the CID course, a child kidnapping, a high profile heroin bust, and several murder investigations, I was a newly promoted Detective Sergeant at the relatively safe RUC station in Carrickfergus I knew why they d sent me here I was here to stay out of harm s way He s called to the scene of what appears to be the murder of an informer, shot in the head with his hand cut off Until they discover the hand belongs to someone else and there is a piece of musical score with no words shoved up the man s anus Someone is killing homosexuals and wants to brag about it No about the plot.The constant sense of fear from random violence must have been debilitating, restaurants being torched with IRA napalm gasoline and sugar , shootings, one s favorite pub being bombed I can t imagine what it must have been like to always wonder whether the windows in the store one is walking by might at any moment disintegrate in an hail of flying glass A country where police did not wear their seat belts Four police officers had died in car accidents this year, nine police officers had been shot while trapped in their vehicles by their seat belts The statistical department of the RUC felt that, on balance, it was better not to wear a seat belt and dozens of police officers had been killed in booby traps over the years It was a classic IRA tactic You call in a tip about a murder, the police go to investigate and they trip a booby trap or the provos remotely detonate a landmine or pipe bomb Sometimes they place a time delayed device in a car in the street so they can get the rescue workers too Here s a picture of the police station in Bellaghy which gives a sense of the fortresses police were required to hide in We came down into Belfast from the hills through the Protestant district of Ballysillan, which was decorated with murals of masked paramilitaries holding assault rifles and zombie armies holding Union Jacks I really like books that evoke both a sense of place and time, as bleak as it might be in Ulster, 1981. This one does A real page turner I eagerly await the second volume in the series.P.S If you ever travel to Belfast, a MUST visit is the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Cultra, Co Down in Northern Ireland where Tony worked for many years as a curator.P.P.S I just ran across this comment by Garbhan Downey in the Summer 2008 issue of MRJ which has a section on Irish mysteries Working in Derry as a reporter during the latter part of the Irish troubles was like living in the pages of a long, twisted crime novel, whose author had forgotten to script an ending But while literary fiction tends to possess a certain logic and credibility, what was happening in our real world was often bizarre beyond words I once covered the murder of a child, in which, no lie, the killer managed to steal the body back from the police and hide it in a forest for twelve hours On another occasion, the night before Halloween, I interviewed the survivor of a gun massacre, whose Dracula cloak had just been clattered with real blood.

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    Why haven t I discovered Adrian McKinty before 2017 He nails it in this book The setting and the whole nine yards.The reader is transported to the Irish Troubles To Belfast of 1981 The Librarian told me when I checked this book out that a few of the guys who took this book said that what they lived through in Ireland back the is almost the same atmosphere in the book.An killer who enjoys listening opera, the classic languages and is killing homosexuals Homosexuality was a crime in Northern Ireland back then Sergeant Sean Duffy is the DS from Royal Ulster Constabulary a catholic in a Protestant British force the black sheep I didn t care about it, maybe some readers would care about religious differences It s useful to get familiar with all those Irish and British factions and armies that were in Ireland back then as the novel doesn t give much background info So a quick google search or Wikipedia should help a first time reader to understand the IRA, the hunger strikes and various other aspects The writing is so similar to classic noir like Chandler and Hammett one of them could totally have written this novel if he lived in Ireland in the 80s Looking forward to the second book in the series.

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    This book is the first in the Detective Sean Duffy Series And Book One of The Troubles Trilogy.First, a bit of history This is just for those of you who did not do well in high school history class like myself to say the least However, I believe that you re never to old to learn, and for that alone I enjoyed this book very much I definitely got a crash course about the times of Northern Ireland s Troubles during 1968 1998 I researched this on Google and found one site that explains it succinctly I posted the link at the bottom of this review because it really, really, helped me to, not only understand the underlying elements of the plot, but also to appreciate and enjoy the intricate details that make this book so unique The Irish setting combined with the real life history put an original twist on the standard crime, mystery, thriller, suspense novel and I can t wait to read the rest of the series I loved the characters immediately Especially Detective Sean Duffy We are introduced to him right off the top and made me laugh out loud Duffy s sense of humor is priceless, while at the same time, his strict sense of duty and proper crime scene procedure remains intact It was really fun to read while I tried to imagine the text being spoken with an Irish accent It s not easy but I found it different and fun Duffy and his homicide team that make up the CID Criminal Investigation Department within the British, and many other Commonwealth police forces, are well developed and are genuinely full of life and individual personality Also, the crimes that they are trying to solve are unusual and have an interesting spin as a result of the Irish setting and language as described below This is the first novel I ve read by Adrian McKinty and I found that it took a little concentration on my part to read Firstly, because I don t have a firm grasp of the Troubles history aspect And secondly, due to the fact that the story is set in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, and I m not at all familiar with the Irish language The writing reflects quite a lot of Irish wording and terms, that are. perhaps native to and or likely to be the natural language for this part of the world There is a glossary of words that translates 23 of the common Irish words, such as bairn baby, kit cloths, peeler police, and so on But It s not difficult to understand While it slowed my reading down a little, mostly as a result of my own curiosity, it was worth it I felt like I was there, a world away, in Ireland And that is why I especially love to read books written by authors from other places and countries worldwide.Note Adrian McKinty was born and raised in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland He has lived in New York City, Washington, and Denver, Colorado In 2008 he moved to Melbourne, Australia where he currently resides.

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