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Amazing Book, Author P.K Balakrishnan This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book , Essay By P.K Balakrishnan Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

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    There s nothing like Absolute Truth as such In fact, same truth has got different shades for different people And we miss the real meaning among these versions The purest form always remains imperceivable I don t know what exactly makes this book my all time favourite It has got a rare grace that permeates the words.

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    Definitely recommended for people who like to read Mahabharat related books and those who loved Randamoozham and Bharathaparyadanam The story flows in two threads one about Karna and the other about Draupadi Karna portion is mainly depicted as flashbacks and stays true to Mahabharat while Draupadi s portion has authors own interpretations and extrapolations All the war scenes are described masterfully and the final battle between Arjun and Karna is just EPIC.

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    In an epic filled to the brim with complex and interesting characters, most writers take a fancy to Karna The antihero who was a master of warfare, pupil of the legendary Parashurama and a brother in arms of the mighty Duryodhana and yet shunned to a life of ignominy, neglect and shame There is so much meat that an imaginative writer can dig out of from his life of complexities, contradictions, valour and tragedy P.K Balakrishnan s book was one of the first works in Malayalam I read that told of the epic from Karna s perspective and at that time it completely bowled me over My first and only read of this book was almost 12 years ago and the only images I can recollect with any clarity is the beauty of Balakrishnan s language and also his prestidigitation skills at reimagining the horrific aftermath of the 18 days of war.Shivaji Sawant s beautiful Karnan translated from the Marathi Mrityunjaya has shaped my reading sensibilities about Karna to a great extent but the precursor to all this was Balakrishnan and his beautiful book.Note Ini njan urangatte translates into Now let me sleep.

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    Amazing Piece of work.Life of karna explained through the eyes of Droupathi,dharmaputhra Yudhishtira.It brings a new Perspective of Mahabharatha especially life of karna and DroupathiA must read for all

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    Brilliant Though the old Malayalam with high funda words made it a tough read the story and the philosophy was awesome. The story is told with justice to Vyasa s Mahabharata Karna s life is narrated in flasbacks to Draupadi through the memories of various people including KundiDevi, Krishna and Satyaki It is about Draupadi s Life as much as Karna s I especially liked the part where Draupadi reflects that the Dharma of her husbands did not prevent them from killing Ashwathama, Duryodhana and even Karna by deciet whereas the same Dharma had tied their hands when she Draupadi was dragged semi nude to the court by Dushaasana.

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