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Accident or suicide? That’s the simple question put to Inspector Michael Green when a derelict stranger falls to his death from an abandoned church tower in a quiet river village at the edge of his jurisdiction But when the victim turns out be a long lost son of a local farm family cursed in recent years by tragedy madness and death Green begins to suspect something far sinister is at work Probing the family’s past he uncovers a toxic mix of rigid fundamentalism teenage rebellion and a family secret so horrific that twenty years later someone is still desperate to prevent the truth from coming to light

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    I admit freely that I got this book on ITunes because it was 395 or something Worth the money for a few entertaining commutes but nothing special This is the first book I've read listened to by this author Other reviews have noted that as this volume doesn't delve into the growth of the protagonists one would need to come in to this book with prior knowledge of Sullivan and Green and others besides to really get it Fradkin lays everything out well enough to where you CAN read this one by itself though However the characters seemed very caricature ish to me probably because I haven't read the other books The plot was a little convoluted and I don't like characters who annoy everyone around them Green seemed to be carving a swathe of pissed off people through the whole town Several of the plot elements were explained with coincidents which seems a little lazy Many of the main decisions that affected the book didn't make any damn sense like view spoilerthe family not seeking justice for Derrick's death? WTF? hide spoiler