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Costumes Make The Child In This Fantasy About Identity Halloween Night, The Wayward Sadie Leads Her Friends Past Cardboard Cut Outs Of The Painter Mistral And A Lady At The Leaf Covered House On Windward Road A Wall Mural Transports Them To An Enchanted Star Where Their Costumes Become RealAs Fortuneteller, Sadie Only Has To Look In Her Crystal Ball To Help The Others With Their Transformations Her Friend Candy Is The Homecoming Queen And Her Brother Has Turned Into A Zebra The Neighbor Boy Has Become George Washington And His Brother Is A Musician In The Star Band That Begins The Adventures Of Sadie And The Enchanted Children Who Make Up The Bizarre Star Community Then Mistral S Woman Friend Finds That Her Star Of Sapphire Necklace Is Missing After The Gangster Riff Raff Is Accused, He Displays A Map And Riddles For A Treasure Hunt The Winner Must Locate The Tooth Fairy, Pass By A Weredog, And Follow Directions To An Invisible Unicorn To Be Granted A Boon From Enchanter Mistral But Other Wishes Have To Be Discovered Actual Rating 3.5 StarsThis was a fun, cute children s tale, full of imagination and magic The star that the children found themselves on was an enchanting, topsy turvy world where lessons were learned and fun adventures were had by all.I found the dialogue and events jumped around quite a bit, causing some confusion on my part And, some of the writing struck me as a littlemature than some younger children might understand But, all in all, this was an enjoyable tale with a lot of humourous episodes. Yep, so I guess I m always going to be a kid at heart, but Halloween is so much fun and this book is a celebration of such I can t imagine a child who would not love reading this book or having it read to them When I first saw the length of this book, I was a little doubtful if the author would be able to make good use of the space, but I was very pleasantly surprised This book is wonderfully written with a lot of colorful language that paints a brilliant picture in the mind of the reader I wish there could have been slightlysuspense in some spots, but overall this was a great read for Halloween or any other time of the year I would encourage parents to buy this for their children 8 and over great book. During Halloween, a group of children dress up and go out trick or treating When they come to a strange house they find a completely new world We meet Sadie, who becomes a fortuneteller, Candy a Queen, Tim a zebra ,and many,manyexciting characters just great for children Each character has their own distinct personality This book is filled with humour and adventures, and children can t help feeling they are there with them on their exciting ride.My niece,Lola is too young for this book, but it won t be long I can foresee many enjoyable bedtime readings for her This, like all of Katherine Holme s work is well written with a wonderful theme I have to say this author has some serious imagination, this book is so jam packed with fantasy The quirky characters are a fun mix, I really laughed at the strange fellow who walks his cat everywhere This story is filled all over the place with unusual imagery and even there is even a treasure hunt which, of course I love If you like your tales loaded with creativity then you will really enjoy this book The ending is cute and the whole thing was just a fun read In Holmes children s novel, the story follows the journey of several children who dress up for Halloween and are mystically transformed into the characters reflected in their costumes after visiting the mysterious house in Windward Leaves.The story is creative, the characters are realistic and I found myself laughing out loud at several intervals It is a story that my daughter would have enjoyed when she was younger and one children will enjoy again and again. Review copy won on Goodreads.com on 2 29 12 Received 3 7 12.This is an imaginative story about neighborhood friends and their Halloween adventure It is also about growing up and finding out what or who you want to be This book is a great one for visualization The House in Windward Leaves is a fun read no matter your age If I could have given this title another half a star I would It was a very creative story with lots of great characters but I felt the beginning should have been a little longer so I could get to know the main characters better The twist to this story and the imagination behind it was wonderful. Every child I know spends months deciding on the perfect Halloween costume It s the one day they get to pretend to be who or what they imagine they would really like to be Wouldn t it be fun, though, if instead of just dressing up, each child could actually become who or what they are dressed as Well, that s exactly what happens in this little book I d say The House in Windward Leaves would be appropriate for children in grade two and older The perfect age to enjoy a story about kids who go to a magical costume party on a star, no less Once at this party the children become who they are dressed as, and they forget who they really are Is the fantasy better than reality Or should the children remember and go home I thought the author kind of shortchanged the pre and post party action and development The focus is totally on the party This makes sense for a children s book, I suppose, but I would have likedbuild up before the party OK, maybe notso much as better The set up seemed glossed over to me Just something to get through in order to start the party The party itself was fun The interaction between the characters was well done as was the magic that permeated the star The fortuneteller was my favorite character I dressed up as onethan once when I was younger I loved her crystal ball and the things she saw The climax of the party comes in the guise of a scavenger hunt which brings adventure and suspense to the story.If you have kids who enjoy fun and fantasy in their books, this may be just the story for them. Perhaps it s me Halloween is not a big thing for me I know of the costumes and trick or treating activities, but it s probably a culture thing, it doesn t mean anything to me.So, I wasn t all too sure what the whole hype and hoo haa was about that had the kids think so long of their costumes.I ve also probably lost the childhood glamour so I found this an entirely confusing read.A group of children dress up for Halloween and approach the house of a strange man recluse , where they are enchanted away to another world becoming what they ve dressed up as The only way to go back home is to remember their true identity.Cute while it lasted, but the ending seemed rushed.