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Man on machine on man Red Cell Book 1Ex Green Beret Victor “Cyke” Kellermann is on the run for a crime he didn’t—well okay did commit but he didn’t realize it at the time He’s a good guy a “white hat” hacker for hire He’s also teched out than the Bionic Man though his ailing ’ware creates as many problems as it solvesHis latest series of break ins are provingdifficult Sentinel Tech’s security is cutting edge and the cops are hounding his ass He sees only one reason why his employer hasn’t called off the dogs someone inside is stealing data for real and setting him up to take the fallParamedic cum tech phreak Bear keeps scooping an increasingly battered Cyke off the sidewalk and each time his fascination for the fugitive and his mysterious ’ware grows So does the attraction that makes him reluctant to turn Cyke in Every time they touch barriers fall Before long they're both laid bareCyke can handle losing blood even losing consciousness What he can’t afford is to lose his heart Distractions like that get people killed—and if he succeeds in unlocking Sentinel Tech’s ugly secrets he won’t be the only one in the line of fire Warning This book contains mechanical eyeballs multimillion dollar hand warmers pushy mind probes a man too stubborn to uit when he’s bleeding an underpaid paramedic whose services are needed entirely too often and circuit scorching cybersexwithout a computer

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    Nicely doneSexy as hell and briskly paced A fun read that gave me four and a half bonersMore pleaseNo seriously—makes grabby handed gesture

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    35 stars – A well written sci ficyberpunk novella that is very tautly told but for me never fully engaged me with the characters or the conflictWhat I liked I appreciate that Haimowitz and Voinov throw you in the pool with no warning It’s a style of storytelling that I like since it usually means over exposition is kept at a minimum and the authors are doing the favor of handing the reins to the readers to figure things out and keep up with the narrative You’re very much thrown into the action immediately when we meet Cyke collapsed at a bus stop his heavily cyber altered body suffering from some unknown attack Along comes medic Bear who is intrigued by his mysterious patient but lets him go when Cyke refuses medical services And so begins the story of two men who end up being very drawn to each other and the corporate espionage case that threatens to tear them apartThe writing is very taut and there is no padding or wasted words in this 100 page27000 word story There are also a lot of neat ideas slipped in to build this futuristic world that Cyke and Bear live in from nanobots that fix you from the inside out to Cyke’s amazing prosthetic gloves who at times seemed to have their own mind and would uickly alter themselves for whatever purpose was needed Reminded me a little of the metal bending T 1000 from Terminator 2 and how he would just change his arm to be a gleaming metal spike I also appreciated the authors’ use of short chapters and time shifts to help keep the pacing tightWhat was harder for me When I start over focusing on craft it usually means that I’m not getting swept into the story and that was my main issue with this It’s very well written but I never felt really connected or “jacked in” to the characters Of the two characters Cyke was definitely the richer of the two with his stubborn resilience to push through whatever pain is inflicted on his body followed by the mental digs of his former drill sergeant yelling at him whenever he took a breath like a bullying Greek chorus but neither MC really engaged me fully and I found myself pushing to finish this story I came out respecting the authors’ ability to write but missed having a deeper story experience and ultimately felt unsatisfied and ready to move on to something elseThis is the first book I’ve read by Haimowitz and the second by Voinov after the co authored contemporary romance novella Country Mouse which was fine but a little forgettable Although this one didn’t really work for me I’ll look to try something else by them to get a better understanding of their styleYour mileage may vary though and what didn't work for me may not bother you at all If you like sci fi mm especially in the cyberpunk variety this story may be up your alleyAs a heads up this novella continues Samhaim’s practice of ending early on the e file The story ends at 83% and is followed by excerpts for other books That always throws me since I’m never expecting the end that early

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    Let me first say I’m not a fangurl of reading scfy or cyberpunk Why is it punk anyway? There are no The Clash or Ramones references No one got Punk’d What’s going on here? I should probably also disclose that these two authors could re write the phone book I’d be like “that was fascinating Did you see what they did with the M section? All that alliteration was impressive” So read this review with a grain of salt I normally talk a little about the plot then again I’ve still no clue as to WTF happened So here goes First a all there was that thing with the thing called a pincer glove Bear love that name BTW I know Don't judge me IDKWTH’s wrong with me came to rescue him Cyke was all ‘nuh unh’ Then there was the thing with a mechanical eye Bear went back to “the storage facility” WTF is this BTW? No clue Like a shed? ate an MRE with grey chocolate blech Then there was a buncha stuff with “clot bots” a “cheat chip” a Spiderman reference 50000 volts of something a slave drive whispers not what I was thinking it was a platform chip Then BAM Cyke ends up at Bear’s shot then a code gets deleted the words “bone grinding need” get thought FUCK ME that was pretty hot but I guess 2000 days of denial will do that to a guy “Hand blades”? OO Erm that could get dicey Then what had happened was this thing with a thing on a desk some bad shit went down Bear got sucked into the shit wait that didn't sound right had to go to “safe house #2” pun not entirely intended When Cyke finds him he says “You gonna stand there staring or put that down your throat?” 3 guesses what he’s talking about here the first two don’t count Then FUCK ALL they started teasing me with a shit load of kinky talk of restraints steel rings a next time thenPOOF It’s over shakes Kindle Is Kindle broken? Where’d it go? Maybe someone did get Punk'd sad faceThe End

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    I started the book and blink blink I finished the book Where did the time go I have no idea It gripped me like a tidal wave and didn't let go until the very last page Actually it kept me moving even beyond to the About Authors section and excerpts where I finally slowed down LOL I will have to read it again sometime at a slower pace to thoroughly enjoy all the details 5 stars

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    Taut tech thriller about manly men who like to fuck and be fucked by other manly men Favourite line ever “He would crawl up the fucking walls waiting on this tongue finger fingers routine” I so hope Bear and Cyke will be back for another longer? book

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    45 starsI really enjoyed this book especially the world building It was very interesting to discover what was behind Cyke's attempts at breaking Sentinel Tech's security and to literally learn how he worked The realization of his work comes to the reader almost at the same time as Bear learns about it I was glas I didn't read the blurb because it tells a bit too much in my opinion The story catches the reader in a whirlwind of events and the transition between a chapter and the next was literally like the blinking in and out of functioning of a machineI think though that in this action plot the characters and their personality gets out of focus a little bit so I couldn't really connect with them even if I cared for them I have to say that I would have preferred the sex to happen behind closed doors gasp and see the intimacy spill into their time on the page I think it would have given me a better sense of the relationship developing between themBear the medi geek is strong and reliable I liked the way he was both attracted to Cyke as a guy and to his technical gear and euipment and I know this sounds dirty but it isn't I promise not entirely dirty Cyke was so complicated inside and out that he stole the spotlight It was really fascinating too see the little details of how he worked both as a human being in flesh and as a sophisticated machineI would love to see adventures of Cyke and Bear but also of other couples in the same universe It's clear that the authors really enjoyed crafting this world so I do hope they have something in store for us My usually complaint with Samhain's books and not the authors' fault of course the last 15% of the e book is made of excerpts from other books plus the blurb for Break and Enter which should be put at the beginning of the book I think It's a bit annoying because you build your expectations on what's happening based on what remains to be read and then you're disappointed

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    I really enjoyed the tech aspects of the book It was fun without being overbearing Although I liked the world I wanted character development especially with Bear I liked both characters and I knew they were attracted to each other and came to care for one another but I didn't feel their connection I thought the relationship was a bit rushed I could see Bear's fascination with Cyke and Cyke's need for comfort but their emotions towards the end were not believable I especially had a problem with view spoiler Cyke's urgency to find Bear after he was released from the hospital I couldn't understand his feelings because there was nothing that lead up to this type of need except for a couple of sex scenes Then Cyke finds Bear and he's ready to collapse from exhaustion and pain but he can still have sex? So ok I could accept this since the authors made a point of showing Bear's objections with it and coming up with rationalizations However what I couldn't accept was that all of a sudden they have this deep emotional connection that seemed to come out of nowhere We were told that they had spent time together prior to Cyke's last break in but we never saw it so I didn't feel the growth in their relationship hide spoiler

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    DNF Enjoyable tech talk about robot arms repair bots and data theft that could not make up for the fact that the characters' personalities were flat as a pancake and there was zero chemistry between them

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    4 45 starsNot really a review just a few uick impressionsI was a bit apprehensive about reading this book First the themes Haimowitz is usually writing about are uncomfortable for me to say the least On the other hand I love Voinov's writing and his books Second I am a huge sci fi fan but there are very few books that I find entirely satisfying especially within MM genre In the end I was very happy with itFor such a short book and the first in the series Break and Enter was great the cyber speak was not overwhelming the technology was intriguing we got enough of the men to start caring about them plus the were both hot and gentle which is always a great combo and their relationship what there was of action was exciting The writing was tight and Samhain's editing is always impressive particularly when we see some less than stellar examples in this publishing niche This is definitely a rereading material and I can see it as my personal comfort read And I hope the authors give us at least 5 or six seuels Subtle I am not XD I hope for together on page time for Cyke and Bear Second reading December 2012Still great Cyke is sexy as hell Together they are really really hot Promising both in the relationship department and future action I can't wait for seuels When? WHEN? Hopefully Cyke wouldn't be hurt as much And if he needs to be restrained hopefully Bear will do it XD

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    A great sci fifuturistic read I really enjoyed the cybernetic tech here Very realistic and gritty This was a tight storyline that had me on the edge of my seat than a few times The relationship build here worked for me a lot as well Great chemistry between Cyke and Bear and there was a really nice natural feel to it that didn't seem forced or rushed I'll definitely be looking for in this series