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Deborah and Simon St James have taken a holiday in the winter landscape of Lancashire hoping to heal the growing rift in their marriage But in the barren countryside awaits bleak news the vicar of Winslough the man they had come to see is dead a victim of accidental poisoning Unsatisfied with the inquest ruling and unsettled by the close association between the investigating constable and the woman who served the deadly meal Simon calls in his old friend Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley Together they uncover dark complex relationships in this rural village relationships that bring men and women together with passion with grief or with the intention to kill

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    Elizabeth George is one of the premier “English mystery” writers As it happens she lives and writes in California but she apparently studied in England and does locale specific research before each new novel She’s very good at capturing the local dialect and geographic description but my goodness I suspect she must have a peculiar love life because the characters of the two novels I’ve read have such bizarre intertwined lives Her main character is Inspector Thomas Lynley a certifiable Earl who is in love with Lady Helen who at one time had an affair with Lynley’s best friend and colleague forensic pathologist Simon St James who is married to Deborah who had an earlier affair with Lynley and lost his baby Deborah is quite a few years younger than St James and was apparently his ward — it’s not completely spelled out in this one but my wife who is a great fan of George assures me that reading them in order will straighten things out WhewLynley’s acerbic partner is Sergeant Barbara Havers I think I like her character the best because she is so good at putting Lynley in his place Anyway in this novel the local vicar Mr Sage has been killed by accidentally ingesting water hemlock a nasty poisonous plant inadvertently provided to him for dinner by Mrs Juliet Spence who is in love with the local constable Colin Shepherd Shepherd’s investigation clears Mrs Spence whose daughter Maggie is sleeping with Nick who wants to be a vet In the meantime Polly daughter of the local 20 stone English measure of weight witch is in love with Colin who later rapes her but she in turn is being lusted after by Brendon who was forced to marry—after he got her pregnant— Rebecca whom he utterly loathes but was reluctant to retreat from because he is a lawyer in the firm owned by her father Whew again In any case Lynley becomes involved because St James and Deborah have gone on holiday to this little town and St James realizes that something is fishy about the death of the vicar The inquest and coroner had ruled the death an accident following a rather clumsy investigation by Colin who as I mentioned is having an affair with the lady who administered the poisonous herbs mistakenly thinking they were parsnips Apparently New Scotland Yard CID inspectors can run around investigating closed cases in other jurisdictions willy nilly Actually this is a riveting novel with very interesting characters but I do worry about Ms George’s love life