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It’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid for girls in this hilarious novel Create your own Dork Diary A special interactive addition to the New York Times bestselling seriesI’ve been writing in my diary since the start of the school year and I almost always take it wherever I go—but OMG—of course one morning I just could not find it ANYWHERE Eek I looked for it EVERYWHERE writing down anywhere I thought it could maybe be losing your diary is the WORST Then I decided that until I find it I totally HAD to put together a list of important diary keeping lessons to remember in case of missing diary emergencies like this oneThis diary is full of tips from me on fun things to write about in your diary with space for you to write and draw your own entries Meanwhile my BFFs Chloe and Zoey my ANNOYING little sister Brianna my crush Brandon sighhh and mean girl MacKenzie are all involved in the search for my real diary with plenty of adventures along the way SUEEE

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    Last night Nicky dreamed that she had lost her diary For her she thinks her diary is very important because there is were she keeps all her personal secrets When she got up from bed the following day she couldn’t find her diary where she had left it the day before She fought she had left it in the school However she remembers that she put it in a zipper of her backpack so it should of had fallen When she arrives to school she starts looking for it everywhere and then went to look at lost and found but she couldn’t find anything Nicky though that McKenzie had something to do with the lost diary She realizes that Jessica a secretary and friend of Mackenzie could have hidden the diary She told this to her best friends and they advise Nicky to go and claim it to Jessica When Nicky went to Jessica’s desk she saw McKenzie and Jessica together so Nicky went to talk with them but they all started to complain about the diary While Nicky said they had it they said they didn’t The school principal arrived and makes McKenzie open her purse but she didn’t had it When McKenzie went away the principal told Nicky to be respectful with her mates Nicky was so worried that she thought that everybody in the school was reading her diary Cloe Zoe and Nicky went to the garbage place of the school to look if the diary had not intentionally been thrown in the garbage but they couldn’t find it The girls thought that McKenzie gave the diary to his boyfriend Brady an American football Player who would hide it in his sports bag The girls made a plan to go in the boys changing room and look for the diary then go out and nobody would notice them They went in and started looking at all the lockers of the football players and then they found a bag that said Brady so they opened it Unfortunately there was no Diary inside it The girls heard footsteps and had not time to hide The coach of the team arrive talking in the cell phone then the girls found some football players outfits so they put them on The coach complained to them why weren’t they in the field practicing for the big game of tomorrow At the same time Brandon Nicky’s secret crush arrives and interrupted them by saying he needed to interview the coach The coach let him do it but when Brandon exanimated the three football players he notices it were Nicky Cloe and Zoe Brandon changed his mind and told the coach he better needed to interview the players to see how good coach he is The coach let them go to their interview so when Brandon took the out he asked them why were they there They told him the hold story of the lost diary so Brandon told them to go and change because school was almost over He said to Nicky good luck with that and walk away School finally ended and she hadn’t founded her diary Her mom told her to wait for he little sister that was coming from school When her little sister arrive she came in running saying “Today was show and tell and all the kids love the pictures of Nicky’s diary” When Nicky heard that she felt so good She just told her sister to promise that she wasn’t going to EVER tush her things again Well at least she has her Diary back I rate this book five stars because it doesn’t not just tells you a story but while you are reading you need to fill in some blank spaces with your opinions it also has some activities so you do while reading It also tells you how to write and keep your own Diary save and it gives you some pages at the end of the book so you start your own Diary The story is really interesting And I recommend just to girls because boys wouldn’t understand the book that is written in girls language

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    This is another great book companion for those young teens who wants tips on keeping a diary Parents could give this as a gift to their kids aside or including the book series itself

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    Russell R 2011 Dork diaries how to dork you diary New York New York AladdinThis is one of the books in the Dork Diaries series There is empty space for the reader to actually write in the book and keep it for herhimself But it also has a story most of which is centered on how to keep a diary The girl shares advice such as “Tip #1 discover what type of diary is right for you” Interspersed with her tips are vignettes from her own life about how the tips were generated The reason why it’s called “How to Dork Your Diary” is so no one will want to read it except but youThis is a fun concept book nestled among the series It reminds me of one of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books I don’t think it’s necessarily something that I would rush out of the store to get but if I were someone who enjoyed the other Dork Diaries books then I might purchase it While part of the book is a story the other part are blank pages on which you can write your thoughts If you want to emulate the style of the books then this is the perfect canvas to start with One of the cool features of the book is that it has uizzes and prompts to get the reader started on writing about themselvesGenre fiction graphic novelReading levelinterest level tweensSimilar booksmaterials Diary of a Wimpy Kid Amelia’s NotebookReader’s advisory notesi personal thoughts This book was just okay I think someone could essentially just buy a blank notebook and start journalling in it and it would be the same as buying this bookii subjectsthemes diaries self improvementiii awardsiv series information this is the fourth book in the series Dork Diariesv character namesdescription main girl charactername unknown she tells the reader how to “dork” your diaryvi annotation This is a fun book for girls or boys to write their thoughts in side by side with the author’s diary

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    I liked this book Nikki has very supportive friends when she thought her diary was lost her friends helped her look all over the school So the mean popular girls wouldn't find it first and read it A funny part in this book is when Nikki finds out her sister had the diary all along she took it to school for show and tell That's just one of the many funny parts in this great book I would ceratinly recommend this book to my friends

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    I liked this book because she had a crush with a boy and the boy doesn't like her and she has to past by a lot of bad things because she lost her diary and her enemy found it and then she showed it with the whole school and everybody was laughing at her and she left to her house and then she didn't get out of her room after her mom had to make her too

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    This book is a part of the Dork Diaries series but it is different than the other books In this book Nikkie shows us a way to dork up your diary Of course this book caught my eye for two reasons The first is that I love the Dork Diaries series and the second is that I love writing in journals and I'm kind of dorky myself Read this book if you want to dork up your own diary

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    Nikki lost her diary she is looking for her diary but so is Mackenzie if Mackenzie finds it she will tell the hole school Will Nikki find her diary before Mackenzie dose or Will Mackenzie find it first and humiliate Nikki to the hole school? read it

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    This book was about Nicky telling you how to make your own diary it made me feel good because I know how to organize and make my own diary like hers I learned how to make a diary and I would recommend this book to my friends because they like dork diarie books

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    I really really loved this book and its cool how they took all the others books and turned them into a diary that you can write in