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This delightfully dorky boxed set will include the first three books of the New York Times USA TODAY and Publishers Weekly bestelling Dork Diaries series which chronicles the not so fabulous life of Nikki Maxwell as she navigates the halls of middle school mean girls BFF drama and first crushes New fans and collectors alike will relish this triple dose of dorktastic fun

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    I had to read these after I bought them for my 9 year old granddaughter and she gobbled them up I had been concerned that they were too old for her but they were fine Few pop culture references that probably went over her headNow to find the next series that will keep her reading

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    I discovered this book when my sister clued me in that my niece has been reading them and asked me to pick up a few She burned through the Wimpy Kid series and I read one of those in the bookstore cafe in a single sitting openly guffawing at several hilarious lines It bummed me out that my niece didn't have a similarly cynical selfish protagonist to root for and thought that might be the case for Dork DiariesUmnoFirst of all who is the dork in this series exactly? When I think of a dork I think of someone with an eccentric personality perpetually rejected by her peers but who maybe manages to have a blast anyway with her fellow bandart writing dorks Nikki isn't a dork She's Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl She's desperate to be cool the only not rich kid in an elite private school with curious artistic talent that she somehow finds the time to nurture in between thinking exclusively shallow uninteresting thoughts In other words Jenny Humphreyexcept Jenny actually got rejected by boys every once in awhile and it's all a cakewalk for this dork Her friends don't seem to suffer much either unless you call looking like Beyonce suffering Even the twins from Sweet Valley High were bigger dorks than this Even Pretty Little Liars is dorkier than this Every character appears to be thin well groomed and immaculately dressed When was the last time you encountered a middle school kid who met any of those ualifications?Second this dork is actually mean She hates the pretty girl for being pretty draws a number of pictures mocking the people who are actually dorks constantly gripes about people who are weird or different and spends a majority of her time pursuing social acceptance from the people she claims to hate Her primary preoccupation is whether she'll ever be popular but it's never explained why this is so important to her Most kids with this ambition don't have much else going on When was the last time you met an art dork who actually wanted to hang out with the cool kids? RidiculousThird it's completely unrealistic And when I say that I mean middle school kids don't talk like this act like this communicate this way etc For God's sake her friends tape a note to the front of her locker to tell her where they will be That's possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard What's secret and covert about that exactly? Even before cell phones we still had the sense to fold the note and pass it Her father picks her up from school to go to a funeral with hima funeral for someone she doesn't even know so he can schmooze with other exterminators Is this a joke? Why would you schmooze with other exterminators exactly? I suppose it could be except the book isn't funny at allA third grader should not read this book A third grade girl doesn't need to think that all she should think about is boys and popularity They should not think this is the pink version of the Wimpy Kid books This is a pink version of pink Even Strawberry Shortcake hates this bookFourth it's a total rip off Almost every idea image and scene from this book is a rip off of some other teen book or television show Roach on top of the car of the exterminator? King of the Hill Snoopy dance? Buffy the Vampire Slayer Did they select editors for this series that have recently returned from a deserted island where there was no exposure to books movies television shows magazines or any other facet of pop culture?Fifth the writing is terrible And it isn't funny at all Several of the attempts to be funny are so bad I rolled my eyes and almost stopped reading It's actually painful to read When I think of what I want my niece to read it's funny rich interesting books that offer an idea of girlhood that differs from a subscription to Us Weekly This is likely reading about the perspective of that Barbie Doll that used to say I Hate Math when you turned her head a certain way The author doesn't seem to know what to make Nikki do so she strung together a bunch of tropes and cliches and somehow got a book deal Even worse people buy these booksNot me I took them back and exchanged them for some journals to encourage my niece to keep writing her own stories That seems a way better option than exposing her to this

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    This is a great book for kids to read because it is a diary of a wimpy kid for girls but humorous I would recommend this to my friendsthis is my most fav book in all of the series I would recommend this to 8 yearolds and olderif you or your child like this book try the hole series This could be uite a good time time through laughter and fun

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    I absolutely hate this series and I regret purchasing it I do not recommend this for teens or even adults who are used to reading young adult novels chick lit adult novels or classics I didn't even bother finishing it If I could only burn this series I would Yes it's that horrid

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    dork diaries is a fantastic book about a unpopular kid called Nikki Maxwell her dad has singed a contract saying if he was to become the school bug exterminator ??? then he would like to be payed in a scholarship for his daughter once she had got there she had realised that she would have a locker by the most popular snobby egotistic girl in the whole school Mackenzie Hollister Mackenzie was determined to make Nikki's life a living hell and with no friends to stick up for her she couldn't do anything to retaliate nor did she have anyone to stick up for her until Chloe and Zoe came along she was about to enter for an art competition when Nikki heard Mackenzie saying how stupid it was that Nikki wanted to enter and that she was going to win for sure hearing this Nikki got very embarrassed and uickly changed routes from signing up for the art competition to signing a library volunteer sheet this is where Chloe and Zoe came in they were two very girly girls the kind that are always gossiping hate PE and ran away and started to sueal at any ball that they were supposed to be any ball that came into a metres distance of them where it be a basketball a football or a soccer ball; you name it they hate it you see they were also library volunteers so they would be working alongside Nikki which wasn't as bad as she anticipated in fact actually uite fun soon enough they became BFF's so Nikki had someone to hang out with eat lunch with and share stories with about her major crush Brandon from her biology classall in all the dork diary books are entertaining funny and advising of what NOT to do i STRONGLY recommend this book to anyone looking for a new read

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    Its been very amazing reading this book since im the same age as Niki Maxwell i can relate alot to her She may not be the best one to get advice from but she does know how to be herself at least at certain times Its fu reding this book because its like im reading my very own diary Hopefully many girls can relate to Niki and its not difficult to understand where she is coming from Books like this makes me laugh because since i can relate so much to it its like im reading about my life before it even happens Yea i know it may sound strange but if you read the book you would understand where im coming from a perspective of a teenager is one of the best maybe its just me or almost all girls like Niki Maxwell

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    I loved it It was just like my school and it was really funny

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    I love these book lol

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    It's a lovely book I love it to bits one of my favorites

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    The book I read was Dork Diaries tales from a not so Greatful Ice Princess it's by Rachel Renee Russell The book genre is nonfiction and it's a great book The reason I chose this book was because I saw all the good review and my friend told me about it and I think you should read it too Also there is good stuff about this book when I mean about good stuff I mean that there is lot of information you will be excited about but I can't tell you or I would spoiler it The reason I gave it 5 stars was because one it's an amazing book and the author is a good writer Mostly I picked it because my friend she was like come on go get this book already so now you should come on and get that book and start reading it like you mean it I mean it a fabulous book ever and I think you should read it