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Like always, Disher dishes up a superb book here His characters struggle with being human and being police at the same time Sometimes one comes out on top, sometimes the other It s so much fun to read a police mystery where the crime and people seem almost mundane.Here, Challis has decided to sell his completely restored plane and use the money to, probably, buy a new car When the car simply WOULD not start, his wife s new husband peers under the hood and says, Rats That bad Can t be fixed Challis asks No, the fellow means REAL rats have been chewing on all chewable parts.So Challis looks for someone who deals in antique aircraft and finds one who is local However, when he goes to the office, he finds a rather distracted woman who says that her husband is out of the business, they bought a plane with no clear provenence and have discovered it was stolen Out hundreds of thousands of dollars. She doesn t know anyone else who could handle it.And there seems to be a serial burglar who is working his way down the coast and may hit them at anytime Not to mention a new set of burglaries Plus the body of a dead woman is reported but when the police arrive at the scene of the crime, there s nothing there She is found, alive, a few miles away Then another abduction, very similar, results in a death And then there s you name it.And OF COURSE they all have to be solved at once A woman, waiting in the bushes by the side of the road to catch those young hoodlums who spray graffitti on people s front gates, sees someone go into the house next door When it s investigated, Challis discovers it s the house of the woman he saw when he tried to sell his plane But there doesn t seem to be anything missing and the owners are adamant about that.Another wonderful part about Disher and Challis is that the crimes don t interconnect When one is solved it doesn t lead you to one of the other crime They are usually stand alone And this is so muchlike ordinary police work that it s refreshing You don t need to spend half your reading time trying to figure out how THIS crime is connected to THAT one.The characters seem so real as well In this book, Scobie, one of the detectives, shows again how ill equipped he is to deal with the on site details of a crime site and, with Challis s gentle urging and help, applies for a position in the analysis lab, where his extreme attention to detail won t be upset by the sight of a pulverized body He s the kind everyone has worked with at some time, fussy, detail oriented, not extremely capable socially, totally focused on his family And so pathetic. This is the 6th book in the Challis Destry Australian Victorian Mornington Peninsula police procedural mysteries and a time in a book series when many authors start to run out of steam Not so Garry Disher In fact, in my opinion, this is the best book of the series thus far Disher keeps his books fresh by rotating around the main characters from one novel to the next This time Ellen Destry is overseas on a study trip and plays virtually no role in the story apart from an occasional skype conversation In her absence, Inspector Challis is the main protagonist and Constable Pam Murphy emerges as an interesting, astute and very able sidekick As is customary with Garry Disher, the plot is multi pronged, well researched and ties together like binder twine I also enjoy the characterisation There are no larger than life James Bonds or Dirk Pitts working at Waterloo Police Station The police department is under funded and undermanned The characters that inhabit the station make mistakes, have diverse private lives, are battling their own personal demons and are fleshed out brilliantly by Garry Disher to make them interesting to the reader and durable enough to last multiple books.If you have never read a police procedural novel before, then this is a great place to start, and despite being number 6 in the series, it is a standalone book but read the others anyway Another wonderfully enjoyable crime fiction novel with absorbing and interesting characters by Australian author Garry Disher. A Rapist In A Police Uniform Is Stalking Inspector Hal Challis S Peninsula Beat, A Serial Armed Robber Is Headed His Way, And There Is A Very Clever, Very Mysterious Female Cat Burglar Who May Or May Not Be Planning Something On His Patch On Top Of All That, Challis Has Been Carpeted By The Boss For Speaking Out About Police Budget CutsMeanwhile, At The Waterloo Police Station, Something Very Interesting Is Going On Between Constable Pam Murphy And Jeannie Schiff, The Feisty Young Sergeant On Secondment From The Sex Crimes Unit Leaving Sutton and the others, Challis wandered away along the gravel verge of Coolart Road, between the tarred surface and the fence line, where the roadside grass was thick and browning, no longer scrapily nourished by spring rains but growing combustible, waiting for one of summertime s discarded cigarettes The paddock grass inside the fence had been shorn for hay and baled in the form of huge, blue polythene wrapped cylinders that squatted on the broad hillside like futuristic dwellings This effect was enhanced by the presence of uniformed constables walking through and around them, heading upslope to a distant stand of trees, where a police helicopter chopped at the air. In the sixth Challis and Destry story, Ellen Destry is overseas on a study tour of police methods in sex crimes, leaving Hal Challis at Waterloo Police station on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne, with limited resources at his disposal and his CIU of Pam Murphy fighting her own demons Scobie Sutton with his domestic dramas , and Tank dragging the chain In Destry s absence Challis is trying to sell upgrade his car and dispose of an aircraft he reconstructed, a Bristol Beaufighter, known in aviation circles as whispering death.The subplot here is a sex offender, dressed in police uniform who approaches and assaults women Melbourne sends sex crimes specialist Sergeant Jeannie Schiff, who rubs many the wrong way with her approach But the standout is cat burglar Grace Anita, resourceful, fastidiously planning and executing her raids, while evading corrupt ex NSW police officer, Ian Galt In the Peninsula murder series as in Wyatt , Disher mines a rich vein of Robin Hood characters, thieves who redistribute from the wealthy and corrupt in Australian society, endearing them to the reader His landscapes are vivid but for me the ending was rushed rather than satisfying, and a map of the Mornington Peninsula would have gained an extra star. Another excellent entry in this Australian police procedural series I thought the plot was very well done and I really enjoy the interactions between the members of the squad. A quick and engaging read with Challis battling not only the low life but also his superiors who didn t appreciate some off hand comments to a reporter about lack of resources to get the job done or should we say, not get the job done I just hope the wait isn t too long for the next book in the series Challis deals with a rapist, murderer, cat burglar, bank hold up hostage situation, home invasion, and the list goes one as well as all the other daily minor things going on In his personal life he s starting to let go of some personal objects that have meant the world to him and the new love of his life is away in Europe on a police sabbatical training mission About the only thing out of sorts here is the title and its relationship to the story Disher does a great job of pacing the action and the character s personal challenges His descriptions of place and feeling are always spot on and despite the idiom of culture, national or profession, you are never lost I m wondering what s left for Challis as it seems he s being set up for retirement by both the author and his superiors He s too good at what he does but too candid and forthright to be promoted or so it seems Looking forward to the next one as always. Another Australian installment in the life and cases of Inspector Hal Challis.this time chasing a thief who breaks into upscale homes and makes away with valuable art, coins, stamps etc Who is this mystery person And what creep is going around raping women What s going on with Inspector s personal life His old Triumph falling apart, his old plane restored, the new love of his life out of the country for training and research.. Put a book with Garry Disher s name on the cover down on the table at our place and there s bound to be a bit of sighing from certain quarters Fair enough, it normally means that all forms of communication will cease until the book is finished Whilst I will admit a slight preference for the Wyatt series, the Challis and Destry books are getting better and better with each outing I particularly like the way that the focus is switching between the two main characters, and their romance is developing but not taking over from what is, after all, an excellent police procedural I ve even forgiven Disher from moving Waterloo from Central West Victoria to way down on the Peninsula In WHISPERING DEATH there s a lot happening on the Peninsula A rapist in a police uniform, a serial armed robber and a very talented cat burglar There s also Ellen Destry s trip overseas, the problems of a classic sports car finally starting to fall apart, disposing of a now restored airplane, the bikie s living next door to Destry s new house, and how her daughter is handling her mother s growing relationship with Hal Challis There s also the little matter of his major spray to a journalist about Government funding of the police service in an area where the population is rapidly expanding Which does not go down well with his bosses.Whilst the main investigation into the rapist wearing a police uniform proceeds, there s a cat burglar working her way around Australia Normally she does not work in her own state keeping her backyard clean It s particularly important on the Peninsula as she keeps a safety deposit box down there Cautious, she s also one step ahead of her old mentor who is very very keen to even some scores The fact that an armed robber seems to be heading in their direction just adds to the increasing workload that Challis is already less than happy about especially as the station is desperately short of resources So short of resources even investigating the rather creative graffiti showing up on large gateposts is a bit of stretch.WHISPERING DEATH is written in that beautifully dry, laconic style that Disher has bought to these police procedurals He also does such a great line in caustic social commentary be it in Challis having a go about politicians or to the nature of the graffiti showing up on those enormous perfectly ridiculous really property entrances that seem to have become the scourge of the tree sea change areas Graffiti with a social conscience and a particularly fine sense of the humour.WHISPERING DEATH, as in earlier books, also gives the supporting cast of characters a bit of time in the limelight The idea that the book s have central characters that have lives alongside the jobs, that the supporting cast are people in their own right and stuff happens to them, and that there s never just one thing at a time going on in any district really works Without giving too much away, there s even a series of coincidences in the resolutions which are just delicious there s nothing contrived about the way that everything eventually sorts itself out The one thing that really stands out after reading WHISPERING DEATH is just how deftly the complicated storylines were interwoven with the character s own stories police and crooks , with no loss of pace, and no chance that the reader would be bamboozled I was particularly struck by just how cleverly this plot was put together, the way that each particular divergence was timed nicely There is simply no better way to spend some time ignoring everything and everybody around you, than reading the latest offering from one of the best writers of Australian Crime Fiction around. I agree with other readers that this is the best in the Challis Destry series so far Disher is so adept with his plotting and character development Because these are police procedurals, there are multiple sub plots running parallel to the main crime plot If I do have a quibble it is that the main sub plot in this story was wrapped up a little clunkily for mine about 50 pages prior to the end, clearly as a result of the main crime investigation rendering it superfluous As I was reading it annoyed me On reflection now I have finished, the minor plot involving the rape and murder of a local girl found in the boot of a car served as a means of exploring the feelings of one of the main characters, Constable Pam Murphy, as she comes to terms with the realisation her private life is a mess, her sexuality undefined This is a real skill of Dishers the way he draws his police officers with human failings and joys we can all understand and share.Disher is also not afraid of giving his everyman hero, Inspector Challis, a fire in his belly, manifested by his criticism of police hierarchy and their bean counting approach to policing On top of this, Disher paints a portrait of struggle and uncertainty in society, a community losing it s values to materialism and status at the expense of compassion Can t wait forof this brilliant series Whispering Death is book six of the Inspector Challis series by Garry Disher In Whispering Death Inspector Challis was not having an enjoyable time his girlfriend is overseas, rapist wearing a policeman uniform is raping women and a cat burglar robbing residents Top it all off Inspector Challis is in trouble with his boss Readers of Whispering Death will follow the twist and turns in Inspector Challis investigations in all these cases Also, the readers will learn what happens to Inspector Challis.I love reading this Inspector Challis series, and the Whispering Death did not disappoint I love the way, Garry Disher portrays his characters especially Inspector Challis Garry Disher differently knows how to describes his plots and entwines his main characters within the different storylines in a way that engages the readers of Whispering Death I also enjoy reading Whispering Death to learnabout the Mornington Peninsula I enjoyed the interaction between Inspector Callis and the cat the burglar and the way Garry Disher describes the life of cat burglar to his readers The readers of Whispering Death will learn about Victorian law enforcement on the Mornington Peninsula Also, readers of Whispering Death will learn about police corruption I recommend this book.