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Harold Bloom S Introduction Questions Whether Harper Lee S To Kill A Mockingbird Is A Novel That Will Endure Or Has Had Popularity Merely As A Time Along With A Collection Of Some Of The Best Criticism Available On His Work, This Text Includes A Brief Biography Of The Author, Structural And Thematic Analysis, An Index Of Themes And Ideas, And This Series Is Edited By Harold Bloom, Sterling Professor Of The Humanities, Yale University Henry W And Albert A Berg Professor Of English, New York University Graduate School These Texts Are The Ideal Aid For All Students Of Literature, Presenting Concise, Easy To Understand Biographical, Critical, And Bibliographical Information On A Specific Literary Work Also Provided Are Multiple Sources For Book Reports And Term Papers With A Wealth Of Information On Literary Works, Authors, And Major Characters

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    I love this book I learned so much form it Yeah, it was an assingment for a class but i still liked it I learned not to be racist and many other stuff, u should really read it

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    I ve read this book several times and love it each time The life lessons in this book are relevant today It was a joy to see Scout s interaction with her family, friends, and other characters This book inspires people to fight for what is just, even when the odds are against you.

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    Is it possible that everybody who wrote a review for this book thinks they are reviewing Harper Lee s To Kill a Mockingbird We can all agree that Harold Bloom has enriched the world of English literature with his criticism, anthologies and his consummate influence However, even Dr Bloom would agree that the reviews of this book are stealing Ms Lee s thunder Dr Bloom, you are still a literary Titan And thank you especially for your prolific Shakespearean criticism, which has helped me muddle through divers lengthy occasionally drudging papers on the Bard.

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    I wish I could give it 10 stars I appreciated it much this time than I did years ago and it seems relevant now than ever before When a man of great dignity and intelligence methodically and deliberately attempts to right wrongs, those who cannot tolerate the truth, have to try to diminish him.

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    still one of the best around

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    To everyone reviewing this book 5 5 thinking they are reviewing Harper Lee s actual book This is a READING GUIDE to her book You are here reviewing the READING GUIDE Ahhhhh Now that I m done ranting, this guide has done much good for my research and I thank Harold Bloom for it.

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    A real page turner Great read.

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    Would you want to kill a mocking bird You might think the book To Kill a Mockingbird would help you kill a mocking bird but it doesn t Several good things exist in this book The title To Kill a Mockingbird works well with the book Characters in the book will make you like it Even though this book deals with serious problems, humor exists throughout the book The title To kill a Mockingbird makes this book better it s a sin to kill a mockingbird Mockingbirds don t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy They don t eat up people s gardens, don t nest in corncribs, they don t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us That s why it s a sin to kill a mocking bird Lee wrote these as the only sentences about mockingbirds After reading the title you will obtain false knowledge You might think it has information about mocking birds Characters in the book improve the story a lot I can make a comparison between Boo and me because he does not talk to many people What the kids do will make you laugh like when they go to boo s house and runaway after Boo s brother, Nathan finds out Jem and Sout s father does nice things for them like how they have permission to call him Atticus Harper Lee included humor in his book Kids get shot at by Nathan while they run away from Boo s house One kid lost his pants when they got caught on a fence Sheriff Heck Tate drinks from a brown bag when he drinks soda and gives some to a kid At the end of the book the sheriff says Bob Ewell died because he tripped over his knife Numerous good things Lee included in his book The title improves the book because it makes you think it has something to do with Mockingbirds Characters help you to enjoy the story like the things they do It causes the reader to laugh especially when a kid loses his pants.

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    I recently re read this novel and enjoyed it even I think we sometimes remember a story based on a film, and miss that there is so much in the novel than just what is going on during the trial in the courtroom Granted, those events are the climax of the story, and also the conflicting image of this sleepy Southern town and it s inhabitants But my enjoyment of my last reading centered around the early descriptions of the town, it s people, the children s events, adventures and freedoms Like in The book thief , the question is raised, what if you live in these times, but don t agree with the prevailing ideology of that time Atticus Finch s actions try to answer those questions, even when he can t prevent the tragedy of what occurred to Tom, there are others who help prevent a tragedy that almost happened to Atticus closer to home.

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    I adore this book, plain and simple.The book transports you back to small town America in the 1930s so beautifully that, you can really feel the time and place seen through 10 year old Scout s eyes Her hero worship of her father, the admirable Atticus Finch and his sense of what is right is palpable as is her inability to comprehend why the adult world functions as it does.Every time I read this book, I never fail to cry when Atticus says Thank you for my children, Arthur For this reason, I will not be reading the recently published Go Set a Watchman Anything which interferes with the Atticus I know and love, from this book, cannot be borne..