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SECOND PLACE MIDWEST BOOK AWARDS Includes TWO sneak previews from Logan's Journey the first Logan novel in one third of a century co written with Logan's Run author William F Nolan From aliens to zombies from prehistoric monsters to monstrously conceived tomorrows this collection comprises Paul McComas' fifty best speculative fiction horror and dark comic works most of them never before published You'll encounter Nessie and nuclear apocalypse; voodoo and vampires; androids and ax murderers; death curses and dystopias; cognizant conniving corporations and Collies in Space plus ice worlds and werewolves and eels oh my Ingenious heartfelt and always entertaining Unforgettable is the thinking person's the feeling person's and the snickering person's genre book all in one as well as an eclectic audacious ever surprising celebration of the human imagination McComas is a one man powerhouse an author magician a wizard with words whose range is unlimited; Unforgettable is a stunning performance a literary tour de force a wild ride that will leave you breathless There has never been a book like this Never William F Nolan author of Logan's Run It's all here a fertile imagination an utter lack of pretension let it all hang out honesty serious purpose perverse playfulness and even fearlessness Eric Greene author of Planet of the Apes as American Myth from his Foreword This compilation is the 'unforgettable' party we all want to attend Allow host Paul McComas to stretch your mind make you laugh out loud and keep you thinking long after you've read the last page Joy Ward author of Haint You'll be hooked shocked and amused by this vast delightful offering from one of our country's most versatile and endearing artists In short Unforgettable is William Hart author of Never Fade Away

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    Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercom I am the original author of this essay as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegallyI procured a copy of this mammoth 500 page career overview during a recent Chicago performance by Paul McComas; and indeed this is what he's generally better known for for being one of the daring young performance artists of this city's 1980s Club Lower Links crowd sharing the stage in those years with people like Karen Finley Eric Bogosian and Henry Rollins who in the meanwhile has almost accidentally collected up an almost overwhelming amount of short genre stories and produced screenplays in the three decades since As such then this is perhaps not the kind of book you actually read from start to finish in an uninterrupted stretch but rather one short piece at a time before bed and at other spare moments with of course it being rewarding simply to see him perform live if you have the chance where McComas has honed his skills over the decades into a tight entertaining experience To be honest the book itself is often deliberately uite silly with themes and attitudes that draw eual inspiration from convention fan fiction and late night television horror show hosts; but if you enjoy that type of work this is worth your time merely for its sheer weight alone with so many different kinds of pieces included that you're bound to find some you like It's recommended in that spiritOut of 10 80

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    This book is subtitled Harrowing Futures Horrors Dark Humor so I was expecting an anthology of sci fi and horror stories A better subtitle would be Everything This Author Has Ever ProducedYes it has some horror and sci fi stories that are well done It also has excerpts from his other novels excerpts from an upcoming novel collaborations with other authors song lyrics he wrote screen plays he wrote poems and plays It kind of gets ridiculous by the time you get to the section of stories from his high school creative writing classThis collection is in great need of focus and an editor trim out some of the completely unrelated work There is some entertaining stuff here but it can be a chore to find it