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Maddy Left New York, And Her Ex Husband Jack, Three Years Ago In Atlanta, She S Developed A Serious Relationship With Her Boss Andrew Who Isn T Pleased When Jack Tries To Win Her Back In Fact, Andrew Has Suddenly Decided He Wants Maddy To Marry Him And When Jack Invites Her To Join Him In The Caribbean, With The Wedding Only Days Away, She Must Weigh The Present Against The Past And Choose Her Future

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    Loved this book Lots of emotions I cried for Maddy She has endured so much I was left with questions about if he cheated before the relationship ended Like Maddy I found it odd that he was in a new relationship so soon after the split I will definitely reread this book I didn t like the ending that well I would of like an epilogue like 2 years later. something anything other than just Jack just saying Maddy The Author really nailed the emotions though

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    The title is catchy so I got this book The story line was interesting, the style was not boring and all in all it was not disappointing.Maddy Greene is presently engaged with a boyfriend of six months when she received a package and a letter from her ex husband she never saw for three years In his letter, Jack expressed how sorry he is for leaving her and how much he still loves her He also asked for one last chance to meet up with her to decide if they should get back into each other s arms.In spite of being engaged, Maddy decided to meet up with Jack and see how things might go between them At the airport, Andrew, her fianc , tried to stop her and warned her that if she goes to meet Jack then they are through Maddy decided to go anyway.The novel went on with a flashback to the time when Maddy and Jack were still together It showed every detail of how they started and how each other s mistake tore them apart.During their meet up, they were able talk things through They were almost back into each other again when another surprise happened, again through a note addressed to Jack which happened to come from his ex partner To Maddy, everything began to shatter all over again When she thought that Jack was really the one, there he broke her trust again.The last few pages of the novel are tricky I thought that they would finally call it quits But in the end, they got together again Kissing Your Ex by Brooke Stevens is a story of great love in simple language It is a light, fascinating read, making it easily liked I can consider it as one of my personal favorites There are some lines that would be nice to go back to.

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    This novel started out so well and started to go downhill from my perspective about one third of the way through I found the main characters lacked any sense of maturity Maddy oftens behaves like a teenager instead of an adult as she deals with her marital problems.We see Jack from Maddy s perspective alone, so we cannot judge the situation from his point of view I am sure that the decision of when to have children has caused great anxiety for couples and that the lines of communication do break down However, the author failed to engage me with the characters hence, I could neither feel their pain nor sympathize with their dilemmas The outraged fiance seemed like a plastic character, who, from my point of view, was not adequately developed His behaviour at times should have had Maddy running in the opposite direction It seems to me that the plot lacked depth resulting in a very uneven read.I kept reading the book because I did enjoy some the author s descriptions of New York and Atlanta Nevertheless, I would not recommend this novel.

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    This was a wonderful love story The author does a terrific job of helping us understand the characters and the reminiscing helped build a view of their history A real perspective of how various life situations affect a marriage and how important communication and disagreements are to a healthy marriage Her intermittent memories of past scenarios, helped us learn about her as well especially as we were taken through her mind and the affair Great portrayal of the mind at work and how thoughts can sometimes progress I was happy with the ending, and would ve loved to have had a bit confirmation as to whether she was pregnant or not.

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    Thanks for the recommendation, Nicole This was a very good book Makes you think about the choices you make and how they really can be life changing Sometimes the things you think you want really aren t want you need Good book.

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    This was an interesting book about a married couple who gets divorded I would not tell you to go out of your way, however, to get it to read.

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    totally different from his other books, not in a good way Sucky ending as per usual with him.

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    every once in a while, I break out this bookit makes you realize that those old relationships, are sometimes the best and you are happy and proud of yourself that you let the other ones go

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    Gripping because I saw myself in the protagonist Similar in writing to Kiri Blakeley s Can t Think Straight, but believable than her true story.

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    I loved this book..I think if your a woman in your thirties and have ever had relationship issues this is the book for you..kind of gave me hope lol