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Fundamental The Sighted Singer Makes Available A Revised And Significantlyexpanded Version Of Against Our Vanishing And Includes Grossman S Recent Treatise Summa Lyrica A Primer Of The Commonplaces In Speculative Poetry This Combined Edition Provides A Sophisticated Yet Accessible Discussion Across Generations Of The Fundamental Discourse Of Poetic Structure I selected The Poet of Poets A Grossman as my poet for the semester in my Advanced Poetry Workshop class To say I learned about poetry, poetics and my own voice, is truly not enough A lot of what he did with his work, is reflected in some of my own pieces Paying homage with some repetition muse and purpose driven poetry. This is a theoretical text, so it s not really fun reading for the most part, but it s brilliant and highly perceptive work from two men who have thought carefully and systematically about the art of poetry Grossman s Summa Lyrica is the second of the two works contained in the book, and I consider it a really important text because it seeks to undertake an examination and justification for the project of lyric poetry, with consideration of historical antecedent and contemporary concerns A really valuable and highly learned work if you are studying poetry or want to write lyric poetry. No book quite like it.