Salamander The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders eBook

Drawing from 1000s of pages of police reports court documents interviews letters diaries Sillitoe's Roberts's narrative cuts thru the complexities of this famous crime investigation to deliver a gripping Capote esque tale They embrace the details then lay them out systematically as seen thru the eyes of the detectives victims perpetrator The darkest secrets unravel gradually allowing readers fleeting glimpses of the infamous salamander as it ducks in out of its fabricator's head What was the salamander letter why were so many people determined to possess conceal it? Why was this one of the most unusual cases in American forensic history? A skilled con artist by anyone's assessment Mark Hofmann eluded exposure by police document authenticators the FBI Library of Congress the LDS church historical department polygraph experts until George Throckmorton discovered the tell tale microscopic alligatoring that was characteristic of the forgeries What ensued was a suspense ridden cat mouse game between seasoned prosecutors a clever homicidal criminal In the end this story verifies the saying that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction

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