Audiobooks Lighthouses of the Mid-Atlantic Coast (Pictorial Discovery Guide)Author Elinor Dewire –

Interest In The History And Preservation Of Lighthouses Has Never Been Stronger Lighthouses Of The Mid Atlantic Coast Details The History Of Lighthouses And Much , And Shows Why These Structures Continue To Fascinate Us Discover What Life For Lighthouse Keepers Was Really Like Learn About The History Of US Colonial Lighthouses And The Role Lighthouses Have Played In Several Wars Meet The Brave, Nefarious, And Colorful Characters Who Served As Lighthouse Keepers And Government Overseers Learn About Lighthouse Technology And Architecture And Find Out How These Treasures Are Being Preserved Paul Eric Johnson S Photography Has Been Published Throughout The World In Books, Magazines, Calendars, And Advertising

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    Read this as I am going on a lighthouse trip with my sister and will see many of the lighthouses in this book It is nice to have this to refer back to for information and interesting facts I would have liked pictures though I liked that there were personal stories interwoven with facts and details of the lighthouses.

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    Eager to get the southern states edition with OBX lighthouses