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Longlisted For The William Hill Sports Book Of The Year If You Had Told Helen Two Years Ago That She Would Be Getting Up At Am On Sundays To Swim In A Freezing Reservoir And Spending Her Saturday Nights Unshowered And Covered In Mud In A Pub, She Would Have Spat Out Her Champagne But When Everyone Around You Starts Settling Down, What Else Is A Glamorous Party Girl To Do But To Launch Herself Into The World Of Endurance Sport For Someone Who Didn T Even Own A Pair Of Flat Shoes And Definitely No Waterproofs , Helen Would Soon Find She Had A Lot To Learn Join Helen On Her Hilarious And Soul Searching Journey As She Swaps A Life Of Cocktail Bars And Dating For The Challenges And Exhilaration Of Triathlons, Trail Runs, Obstacle Races, Long Distance Cycles And Ocean Swims And Sets Herself The Seemingly Impossible Goal Of Qualifying As A Team GB Triathlete

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    This book shows what you can achieve when you push your body to the limit The writer did this and as a result she performed all over the world and even qualified for a place in a World Championship She found a truer version of herself through sports and became a approachable and warmer person She ditched the high heels, fancy clothes and designer handbags for jeans, boots and a backpack A good example of how sports can change a person, on all levels.Through training, pushing pain to the side and a keep going attitude, she becomes a winner She is amazing and didn t give up after lumps, pains and dizziness but with endurance, perseverance and resistances she reached her goals.What I love about this book is that the writer combines telling her story with giving interesting information about aspects of sports e.g types of pain, importance of food.When you ve read the book, you realise that, in the writer s words Fitness is a medical miracle and your body is a sophisticated and intelligent machine.Overall a great book that teaches an important life lesson that can be applied in a sport environment but equally in any person s life The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.Congratulations for all your achievements

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    I pre ordered This Girl Ran , based on the pre publicity I wanted to read it as soon as it came out and this story of a journey from glamorous party loving media girl to muddy cross country runner to international triathlete was a captivating read Helen Croydon brings a lot of humour to her writing much of it at her own expense as she flung herself into her new sporting world and learnt how to do it along the way As with most good sports books the story of her running , cycling and swimming journey is really part of a personal journey of self discovery which she writes on with disarming honesty The book should be an inspiration to anyone in that place of dissatisfaction with their current life to follow their dreams and go for it The closing chapters where Helen reflects on the complex reasons why we runners choose to throw ourselves into sports were one of the best expositions on the subject I have read I d thoroughly recommend this book to runners and non runners alike.

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    This is an extremely well written book about mostly the drive to push yourself to see how far your body can go in terms of running, cycling and swimming when much of that has been alien in recent years It is not a how to manual but rather a journey, a sometimes cathartic one Ms Croydon is a born communicator with a lovely warm voice and she puts her points of view across in a great story with passion and wit When I said about mostly earlier I meant that her story is also about finding without perhaps consciously meaning to people to share the warmth and companionship and joy of triathlon, and then even someone to share love at just the right time An excellent read completely outside my usual reading zone but This Girl Did Well

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    Don t be deceived by the topic of this book while it is about a journey of becoming an athlete, the heart and soul is about the journey a lot of us face at one point or another in our lives shedding our old skin and taking on a big lifestyle change which comes along with a change from within along with the challenge of finding meaningful connections Helen goes through a journey of a new life that really pushes herself to the limits in a completely new way She really opens up and shows vulnerability at the end of the book as she longs to build meaningful connections which makes this especially heartfelt and relate able with lots of exciting and funny adventures along the way Great work

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    So much great advice, so many great stories Even though she s a natural born runner and I m the opposite I still found this book tremendously useful and entertaining And inspiring Interesting to find about amateur triathlon too.

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    Totally absorbing story of a party girl s transformation into an endurance athlete, with interesting revelations about our cultural obsession with nutrition for weight loss rather than fuel, and insights into the effects hard training has on the body Only downside is the ending It just sort of stops

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    Chatty and engaging, Helen takes us on her journey in an inspiring way, showing that it is possible for all of us to put on our running shoes, even if we don t all aspire to the extreme heights of fitness she achieves The explanations and impact of physiological changes and importance of proper nutrition were really interesting as I ve not really considered these before.

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    As a fellow triathlete who used to work in the fashion industry, I could relate to both sides of Helen s life the unsatisfactoriness of glitzy, often superficial parties and working environments, and the discovery of the pleasures of outdoor training and endurance sports Everyone who s done a race or joined a club will recognise themselves in Helen s adventures Highly recommended to anyone interested in getting an insight into an athlete s lifestyle