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Ruth S Tribe Are Her Lively Children And Her Filmmaker Husband, Simon, Who Has Motor Neurone Disease And Can Only Communicate With His Eyes Ruth S Other Tribe Are The Friends Who Gather At The Cove In Greystones, Co Wicklow, And Regularly Throw Themselves Into The Freezing Cold Water, Just For Kicks The Tragic Wives Swimming Club , As They Jokingly Call Themselves, Meet To Cope With The Extreme Challenges Life Puts In Their Way, Not To Mention The Monster Waves Rolling Over The Horizon Swimming Is Just One Of The Daily Coping Strategies As Ruth Fights To Preserve The Strong But Now Silent Connection With Her Husband As She Tells The Story Of Their Marriage, Via Diagnosis To Their Current Precarious Situation, Ruth Also Charts Her Passion For Sea Swimming Culminating In A Midnight Swim Under The Full Moon On Her Wedding Anniversary An Invocation To All Of Us To Love As Hard As We Can, And Live Even Harder, I Found My Tribe Is An Urgent And Uplifting Letter To A Husband, Family, Friends, The Natural World And The Brightness Of Life

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    Ruth Fitzmaurice is a seriously good writer I did not put this book down, not once, until I had finished it It is an honest, beautifully expressed account of her experience raising five children and sharing her life with her beloved husband, filmmaker, Simon Fitzmaurice, the director of IFTA nominated My Name is Emily, and shorts The Sound of People, Tilly and the Teeth and Full Circle Focusing on the effects of Simon s Motor Neuron Disease and on the impact of it on their lives, I Found My Tribe is breathtaking in its honesty as Ruth shares her joys, her sorrows, her despair and her very human reactions to the adversities that have invaded the lives of not just herself, but of her family and friends also The book is written from a deeply loving place, and in such accomplished prose, and is ultimately uplifting as Ruth determines the importance of love, friendship and the joy that she has found in her community Her tribe.

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    I m glad that I d already read her husband s book It s not yet Dark , which describes his experience of Motor Neurone Disease and its impact on him and his family and especially his continued love of life If I wasn t already familiar with the story, I think I d have been irritated by the way Ruth s book flits about between different time periods with no clear explanation of the development of the disease It s also poetic in style than my preferred reading However, I still thoroughly recommend it for the way it highlights the carers within a family whose physical and psychological needs are so often forgotten or seen as less pressing than those of the person with a long term illness or disability From what I remember of the other book, I fancy that even her husband didn t quite appreciate how much she suffered in watching his deterioration while trying to hold the family together.

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    This is a beautiful read I have no words to do it justice Please women , do yourselves a favour and read in one quite sitting.

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    I absolutely loved this book, it was open and honest and written in a style that made you feel you were going through everything with the writer.I felt that I was on the inside and could understand the emotions and the turbulence of the last few years in this families lives.This story made me feel like the strong woman I know I am and by reading this book I felt the strength of the women in it shine through.This story shows how family are the reason we get up in the morning and the reason we carry on no matter what life throws at us.Its a beautiful story of how the nuts and bolts of family work through adversity.

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    Ruth Fitzmaurice has written this book from her heart, bypassing pen, paper and technology She describes the effect of her husband Simon s motor neurone disease on herself and her family life in a way that is fluent, honest and at times heartrending Wild sea swimming with others also struggling with reversals of fortune is what restores her and enables her to manage what has become a difficult and demanding family life, breathtaking at times in its demands on her I feel privileged to have had this fly on the wall experience of true love, true heartache..and true survival.

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    Just finished I Found My Tribe by Roth Fitzmaurice Still weeping I have been watching my mum go through a shocking illness for the past 4 months, from which there seems to be no reprieve This book is so brutally honest, it s left my heart bare I don t know how it has managed to allow me to grieve, yet has left me with a warmth and hope for some kind of future not the future we planned, but a future we can survive x

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    Ruth is living with with her husband decline due to MND This book reveals the everyday struggles of coping with the effects of this on her husband, 5 young children and her home The invasion of nurses and carers into her family home on a continuous ever changing cycle is so stressful Ruth release valve are her swimming buddies and the sea Written as she thinks An emotional read.

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    Loved it Very moving, but despite the terribly sad subject matter, I didn t find I Found My Tribe in the least depressing Fitzmaurice writes from her heart and in places the narrative reads like poetry than prose Her courage and the courage of the other characters in the book is genuinely uplifting The memory of this book will stay with me for a long time