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This is one of the most beautiful books I have read in a long time I cried a few times whilst reading it It is a comment on how powerful the love of a mother is, it comments on how a mother has to let their child go eventually It is also a comment on conforming in society, and being unable to fit in to the norm Very powerful You will remember it for a long time. A TOP TEN INDIE PUBLISHERS FICTION BESTSELLER FOR AN INDEPENDENT BOOK OF THE YEAR PICKA WATERSTONES BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR PICKA BOOKSELLER BOOK OF THE YEAR PICK This Is The Story Of A Hen Named Sprout No Longer Content To Lay Eggs On Command Only To Have Them Carted Off To The Market, She Glimpses Her Future Every Morning Through The Barn Doors, Where The Other Animals Roam Free, And Comes Up With A Plan To Escape Into The Wild And To Hatch An Egg Of Her Own An Anthem For Individuality And Motherhood, The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly Has Captivated Millions Of Readers In Korea Now The Novel Is Making Its Way Around The World, Where It Has The Potential To Inspire Generations Of Readers The Way Jonathan Livingston Seagull Or The Alchemist Have And With Nomoco S Evocative Illustrations Throughout, This First English Language Edition Beautifully Captures The Journey Of An Unforgettable Character In World Literature Lovely story nice for all ages Presented to my daughter on the loss of her pet hen This is a fabulous little book I discovered it by chance in a book shop and after reading the first page, I knew I had to have it It s very heartwarming in places and heartbreaking in others If you know hens at all, you ll connect with this lovely story straight away If not, you ll still understand Sprout s plight and her dreams Definitely a tearjerker, though Lovely book. I could not put it down Read through the night A modern parable and so well written It pulled all the right heartstrings. A perfectly paced tender story of determination,motherhood,growing up,the cycle of life and nature It will make you look at life and what is around you in a whole new way. This is a beautifully written story From the first page I cared what happened to the brave little hen who calls herself Sprout Her determination to protect her chick is inspiring I would recommend this book to anyone who has enjoyed War Horse, Watership Down or Cold Moons Don t forget to keep a box of tissues close. Really enjoyable short story Very well written and engaging Reading about nature from an animal s point of view was really interesting.