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This Is The Story Of Keith Jessop, The Most Successful Underwater Treasure Hunter In History It Describes How Jessop Went From Being A Penniless Yorkshire Boy To Salvaging Tons Of Russian Gold Worth Over Million From The HMS Edinburgh, Which Lay Feet At The Bottom Of The Ocean

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    I met Keith Jessop in Spain many years ago an became firm friends with the tough Yorkshire man and his wife Debby, but my opinion of the book isn t effected by this It s a wonderful story, told in an open style that s very easy to read, and every bit as gripping as the title suggests, with plenty of twists and turns to keep the pages turning The intrigue of Keith and the brave men who dived in the freezing waters of the Barents sea caught the attention of National Geographic who made a film about it Don t miss out, do yourself a favour and buy this gem of a read

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    I already have this book and thoroughly enjoyed it, I wanted to keep my copy but knew there was someone special to me that would enjoy reading it, so his Christmas is sorted thanks to sapphirebooks1 He is 99 by the way and a real gent the book is pretty much like new so thank you

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    This is an excellent book written by a diver with many years of experience diving, sometimes diving in the worst conditions imaginable.Because Keith is a diver he makes none of the basic technical errors some writers make, which tend to spoil an otherwise good book.He explains the physics of what happens to the human body when diving, without turning it to a school lesson, and how saturation divers can descend to 250 metres The chapters on salvaging the gold were fascinating.His Yorkshiremans sense of humour comes through well.I hope he writes another book.

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    Really enjoyed reading this true like adventure story Would like to meet Keith I was brought up just like him Recommend this book to anyone

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    This man never gave up,always kept his eyes on the ball and did over twenty years ago , what would be considered almost impossible today, over he was entirely self taught ,before the internet he found obscure sources of information and earned the respect of all in the diving community , do I recommend this book HELL YES

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    Really good and interesting read on 1 mans dream and to which he fulfilled,I highly recommend.The book was delivered promptly and in excellent condition.

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    Excellent product, quick service, good price

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    Tremendous book for anyone to read Very easy to read also , Plus I personnel found it hard to put down when finishing each chapter.