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Missy Franklin Is One Of The Most Talented Swimmers In The World Swimming With Faith The Missy Franklin Story Tells Of Her Rise In Fame In The Swimming World And Humbleness In The Sport And Her Personal Life

8 thoughts on “Swimming with Faith (ZonderKidz Biography)

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    not read but a pressie, received with thanks

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    Too much religious bias

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    This book has inspired me to become an olympian

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    My 8 yr old granddaughter is both an avid reader and a competitive swimmer This book was perfect for her Missy is a great role model.

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    Despite some typographical errors, this is an excellent book for kids Great story

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    Missy s story is good but the writing is not up to par The writer is repetitive She seems like she is trying to add pages for no reason

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    Have enjoyed reading this book with one of my dyslexic students, who is also a competitive swimmer.

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    It has great facts about how Missy Franklin became a swimmer This has inspired me to do the best that I can in swimming and hopefully become an Oympic swimmer.