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To Tell The Story Of Morris Day Is To Tell The Story Of Prince Not Because They Were Inseparable Or Because Their Paths Never Diverged, But Because, Even When Their Paths Did Diverge, They Always Intersected Again Each Artist Lifted The Other Up, Pushing One Another To Be Something Bigger And Better Than They Thought Themselves Capable Of There Was Plenty Of One Upmanship And Some Un Healthy Competition, But The Respect Day And Prince Had For One Another Never Wavered, From The Time They Met In Junior High Until His Royal Badness S Untimely Death In In Telling His Own Story And Writing About Prince, Day Turns Prince Into The Narrative S Greek Chorus Prince Is There To Protect His Legacy, Argue With Morris S Interpretation Of Events, And Continue The Dialogue That Started When Both Musicians Were In Their Early Teens Because Of Their Lifelong Friendship Emotional Intimacy, The Founder And Still Current Leader Of The Time Is The One Man Who Can Pull This Off, And In So Doing Shed A New Light On Prince And The Culture From Which The Minneapolis Funk Scene Was Born On Time Recounts Day S Fight To Overcome Cocaine Addiction, His Search For Meaning In Both Music And Romance, And His Subsequent Second Act Success By Once Again Leading The Time, Whose Music Is His Lifeblood And Soul Day S Book Is A Comprehensive, Free Wheeling Extension Of His Music The Ride Is Wild And The Funk Unfiltered

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    I m a 61 year old white guy who grew up on glam rock.I was a Prince fan from around the time of the 1999 album Then I saw Purple Rain and there were The Time, on screen, throwing shapes that made Prince s band look like statues.Prince had manufactured their first album and told Morris Day to pull a band together to promote it They ended up with a prominent role as THE SERIOUS COMPETITION to The Kid s band The Revolution and the rivalry in the Purple Rain film is arch comedy and pathos and everything all in one place Morris Day had a KILLER band, personality for 10,000 miles and songs to die for.Prince being Prince he sort of gets a voice in this book as imagined by Morris Day and their imagined conversations are quite revealing as to Prince s character Morris also talks to himself his addictive personality MD to examine his romances with women, drugs and music.Prince being Prince, he held onto The Time as tour mates, supported them, realised their their immense potential, put them in a sequel to the Purple Rain film and then cruelly jerked them around in the most horrendous ways, tried to get them to sign up as Jehovah s Witnesses and cut off contact with them.Morris had a brief reunion with Prince before his untimely and extremely sad passing He only speaks of him with love and respect, though severe frustration and utter bafflement with him do creep in at times.This book stands with Dennis Dunaway s autobiography and Lise Lyng Falkenberg s book with Don Powell of Slade, as one of the most searingly honest self examinations of a musician s life that I have read.Morris fans will love it Prince fans will either love it or hate it.What would Prince think What does it matter if U love it Recommended.

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    For those interested in Prince s path to Warner Bros., listen to interviews from those who were there Chris Moon of Moonsound hired Prince to help write radio commercials he was chief recording engineer at the largest advertising agency in Minneapolis and taught Prince recording and producing, giving him the keys to his studio Chris helped write and record a demo of songs which he brought to Owen Husney who then took Prince on David Z Bobby Z s brother was brought in to record the demo which got him signed to Warners David has an interview on You Tube talking about the recording, how Prince played all the instruments He also worked on Prince s iconic albums, including Purple Rain.Funkatopia has a great interview with Chris Moon on Soundcloud Chris even talks about recording Champagne s demo when he first met Prince Owen Husney has You Tube interviews, and has written the excellent book, Famous People Who ve Met Me A Memoir by the Man Who Discovered Prince Chris Moon cowrote Soft and Wet, on Prince s 1st album.Per Nilsen s book Dance Music Sex Romance, Prince The First Decade goes into great detail about it all Prince quit Champagne to work with Chris Moon, and his exit wasn t pretty Morris leaves all of this out of his book.Prince was a once in a lifetime artist His unprecedented Warners contract where he was given 3 albums and full control in the studio is an important part of his legacy.

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    A Delight I literally couldn t put this down When i first heard about the Prince dialog, i thought it sounded gimmicky I was wrong It reads like a man who has the voice of his brother Deep in his Soul I have been a fan of The Time since the summer of 81 This was a compelling and highly entertaining read Morris has great insight and self awareness Glad i didn t dismiss this one A Joy to read Got to meet him last fall at a Time concert, see crappy photo I think this is an essential read for Prince fans, despite some reviews to the contrary I loved it

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    Thought this would have peeled the curtain to reveal things we did not know about Prince I bought this only because it was written by David Ritz who usually writes about deep issues, not in this one.

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    This book was amazing, a real page turner from beginning to end.

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    Man, l gobbled this up in the course of a few hours Way better then I expected I was worried that the interjections would grow tiresome, but quite the opposite This hit me hard emotionally and rejuvenated my love for Morris Nicely done, sirs Highly recommended and one of the better Prince related books out there, imo A few real bombshells in here too amongst the many jewels of nerdy info and incredible stories Fantastic.